Strut in style with these Walk and Treat essentials! Equipped with our super comfy, lightweight dog Harness, dirt- and odor-resistant Leash, color-matched Poop Bag Carrier, and our bestselling Treat Pouch for on-the-go treating. It's the perfect bundle to feel (and look) like an expert dog walker in no time.

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  • + Product Details -


    Leash: Flex-poly coated nylon webbing strap, zinc alloy snap hooks, coated carbon steel D-rings
    Poop Bag Carrier: Soft-touch plastic, elastic band with iron clasp
    Harness: Soft stretch poly base, woven nylon webbing straps, coated carbon steel D-rings
    Treat Pouch: Exterior body is 100% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester from Plastic Water Bottles. Interior lining is 100% Cotton.

    Product Dimensions & Specs

    Standard Leash:
    Regular attachment measures 5.5 feet
    Short leash adjustment measures 3.25 feet
    Strap width - 3/4"
    Weight - 0.5 lbs

    Small Leash:
    Regular attachment measures 4.25 feet
    Short leash adjustment measures 3 feet
    Strap width - 1/2"
    Weight - 0.2 lbs

    XS: Neck = 8"-11", Chest = 12"-15"
    S: Neck = 10"-14", Chest = 14"-22"
    M: Neck = 12"-18", Chest = 18"-28"
    L: Neck = 16"-21", Chest = 24"-38"

    Poop Bag Carrier:
    Diameter: 1.75"
    Height: 3.5in

    **Treat Pouch: **
    Length: 8.63” (21.91 cm)
    Width: 0.75” (1.91 cm)
    Height: 6.25” (15.88 cm)

  • + Care & Caution -

    Caution Notice
    Keep away from children.

    All of the dyes used in our products are pet safe. For some of our more vibrant colors, like Strawberry, the dye can transfer to lighter colored pet coats. We recommend hand washing your harness before the first use with mild soap and warm water, then air drying flat.

    Cleaning Instructions
    🧼👏 Hand wash kit components with mild soap and warm water. Wipe dry with towel or let air dry.

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  • + - Product FAQs
    • Does the Harness work well with puppies?

      Our Harness is great for puppies. It's comfortable for lively playtime and impromptu naptime. We do recommend sizing up as pups can outgrow their walk gear as they get older and grow into their adult body.

    • Does the Harness help to reduce pulling?

      Yes! Our Harness has three leash-attachment points, because we all lead in different ways. The front attachment is useful for reducing pulling while on walks.

    • Should I use a Collar or a Harness for my dog?

      Experts recommend Collars for everyday wear, however, a Harness is the safest option for going on walks and engaging in outdoor activities.

    • What makes the Harness comfortable for dogs?

      Our Harness is made from a cushioned, light-weight material, that includes some performance fabric stretch. This ensures your pup has room to move, while staying secure.

    • Which leash attachment should I use for my dog, front or back?

      This all depends on your dog's walk style. The front attachment is best for dogs who pull, as it can minimize their freedom to charge ahead. The back clip is slightly more versatile, and recommended for dogs who are trained to walk with their pet parent.

    • How do you adjust the Leash to the shorter length?

      To shorten the leash, unclip the handle/wrist loop clip at the wrist loop and attach it to the D-ring closest to your dog's Harness or Collar.

    • How do you attach the Poop Bag Carrier to the Leash?

      We recommend attaching your Poop Bag Carrier to the D-ring at the Leash handle. You can slide the Poop Bag Carrier elastic through the ring and then loop the Poop Bad Carrier through the top of the elastic to create a simple knot.

    • What's the best way to clean the Treat Pouch?

      Spot-clean the Treat Pouch with warm water and mild soap.

    • How do I put a roll of Poop Bags in the dispenser?

      The smallest pocket at one end of the Pouch is meant to hold Poop Bags. There's an opening to the outside of the Pouch from there. Load one roll of Poop Bags into the pocket, and pull the individual bag through the opening on the side.

    • Is the Treat Pouch compatible with other baggie brands?

      Yes! The dispenser works with any standard sized poop bags.

    • How do you adjust the Treat Pouch to be worn different ways?

      The strap is adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened for various styling. A longer strap works well for crossbody or shoulder use. The strap itself can expand to 39 in. to accommodate different heights and body types. If you place the strap around your waist and shorten it until the fit is semi-snug, the Pouch becomes a fannypack.

    • Is the Treat Pouch waterproof?

      No, it's made of a woven fabric that's not water resistant.

    • How does the bag close?

      The bag has a metal frame near the opening that helps keep the Pouch walls flush together, and its contents inside. That said, the Pouch does not fully close, as there is no zipper or sealing mechanism.

Comfy & Cushioned

Performance materials for supreme comfort

3 Leash-Attachment Points

For maximum flexibility and control

Smart Design

Space for treats and a built-in poop bag dispenser