Meet But Like Maybe!

Meet But Like Maybe!

We sat down with New York-based cartoonist, influencer, and creator of @ButLikeMaybe, Arianna Margulis, to chat about the inspiration behind our new But Like Maybe x Wild One collection, her favorite pieces, and top New York City recommendations. Psst. This limited-edition collection won’t last long, so get it while you can!

Wild One: When did you start making cartoons?

Arianna: I’ve drawn ever since I was little! I made my first cartoon when I was 7 years old, of a family of fruit that were walking and talking. I didn’t necessarily pay attention in class, so my notebooks were always full of doodles and cartoons. 

WO: What inspired you to start But Like Maybe?

A: I was brutally dumped in Central Park, told that I interrupted his meditation schedule which I found to be both hilarious and devastating at the same time. So I went home and turned my broken heart into art! 

WO: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring artist?

A: Create all of the things you’re dreaming of! Show the world what you can do and don’t wait around for anything, because putting things into the universe makes opportunity come back to you. Plus, it helps demonstrate what you're capable of to yourself and everyone around you. 


WO: What made you want to collaborate with Wild One and where did you draw inspiration for this collection?

A: There is such a strong pet culture that exists within the city—they are truly citizens of New York—so it felt like a no-brainer to partner with Wild One to give city pups a collection that felt as unique as they are. As a New York-born brand, they not only understand the city scene, but they’re willing to take risks and be bold with their designs, which is something I love to do with my work as well.

WO: What is your favorite piece from the But Like Maybe x Wild One collection?

A: The leash! It reminds me of a comic strip.

WO: Wild One is all about empowering dogs and their people to embrace their boldest, most stylish selves through playful pet products that are meant to stand out. What’s an outfit that makes you confidently strut down the street?

A: I can never go wrong with a crop top! I also love big platformed shoes since I can’t walk in heels.

WO: What neighborhood inspires you the most?

A: My own, the East Village!

WO: A lot of your cartoons are about dating—could you describe your perfect date in New York City?

A: An outdoor Aperol Spritz in the West Village somewhere, followed by a nice stroll to dinner, and then steak frites at Raoul's. If we get along, follow up dinner with dancing!

WO: Favorite bar in the city (aka the perfect first date spot)?

A: This is a tough one!! Temple Bar is always cute and cozy though.


Rapid Fire Questions

WO: Dogs or Cats?

A: Dogs! 

WO: Manhattan or Brooklyn?

A: Manhattan! 

WO: Sketchbook or iPad?

A: Currently loving my iPad!

WO: Soft pretzels or hot dogs?

A: Hot dogs! 

WO: High heels or Sneakers?

A: Platform sneaks, always.

WO: Subway or Yellow Cab?

A: Subway!!!

WO: East Village or West Village?

A: East, hands down.

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