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Hi, we’re Wild One.

We’re into connecting pets and people through thoughtful design and community. With a full set of pet essentials, we make morning walks, subway commutes, and park visits easier and more joyful, for both you and your dog.

Yes, our pet essentials are sleek, stylish and beautiful... but most importantly, they are functional. We source the best materials that are comfortable, safe, and durable, love the term

Follow function.

Choosing things for your pet is high-stakes. We don’t take that lightly. Everything we make is developed with a function-first perspective because “looks nice” only matters next to “works well.”

We love

Keep it simple.

We’re driven to make living the “pet life” easier and more joyful. We create the best essential items - from adjustable dog leashes, to water-resistant dog beds, and provide a pleasant, uncomplicated shopping experience.

You know your dog best. We want to hear your feedback so that we can make the the best products for you and your lifestyle.

Look and listen.

Improving constantly and involving community are core to who we are. As we make, do, and say things, we’ll never stop looking to our community of dog lovers for feedback, guidance, and inspiration.

We are committed to helping dogs find their forever homes. We partner with dog rescue organizations to raise awareness and help get dogs adopted every day.

Make a mark.

We’re into doing good while doing well. That means improving constantly, thinking sustainably, and bringing awareness to animal rescue. We want to make our customers happier, our community stronger, and the future a bit brighter.