Hi, we’re Wild One.

We’re on a mission to make life with your dog look as good as it feels. We create design-forward, innovative products that empower dogs and their people to walk, travel, play, and live in style.

Boring isn't in our DNA.

Life with dogs is always fun, so why settle for boring pet products? Our designs match your dog's personality—playful, wild, and unique—to empower dogs and their people to embrace their boldest, most stylish selves.

Always functional.

Choosing things for your pet is high-stakes. We don’t take that lightly. Everything we make is developed with a function-first perspective because “looks nice” only matters next to “works well.”

Keep it simple.

We’re driven to make pet parenting easier and more fun, so we've designed our essentials to offer the most pleasant and uncomplicated experience.

Make a mark.

Our approach is doing well by doing good. We thoughtfully consider dogs' needs in everything we make, improve constantly based on feedback, and raise awareness for animal rescue to help every dog find their forever home.