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The ultimate interactive toy for pup development and solo play! Featuring a barrel shape—made of strong natural rubber, that’s perfect for rolling and paw-pushing—and a trapped Ten... Read More

The ultimate interactive toy for pup development and solo play! Featuring a barrel shape—made of strong natural rubber, that’s perfect for rolling and paw-pushing—and a trapped Tennis Ball, that’s fun for pups to retrieve. All Tennis Tumbles include an extra 4-Pack of Tennis Balls for more fun, and the Lilac & Moonstone Tennis Tumbles come with limited-edition, matching Tennis Balls!

Note: Our toys are designed to be loved by all dogs, big and small. How long they last will depend on your dog's size, chew strength and play style.

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  • + Product Details -

    Tennis Tumble: Natural Rubber
    Tennis Balls: Natural rubber core, pet-safe poly felt exterior

    Product Dimensions & Specs
    Length: 3.86"
    Width A: 2.56"
    Width B: 2.48"

    Ball Diameter = 2.36", about the same size as a regulation-sized tennis ball.

    Recommended for medium and large dogs.

  • + Directions for Use -

    The Tennis Tumble is designed for solo play, offering a challenge to your pup that will keep them busy and build developmental skills. If retrieval of the ball is too challenging and takes an extended period of time, we recommend helping them dislodge it to show them it's possible and to reward them for their effort.

    Recommended for average chewers.

  • + Care & Caution -

    Caution Notice:
    Never leave your dog unattended during play. Discard toy if disassembled, or a potential choking hazard presents itself.

    Cleaning Instructions:
    The Tennis Tumble barrel is top rack dishwasher-safe. Please remove th tennis ball prior to washing.

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  • + - Product FAQs
    • Does the Tennis Ball come out of the toy?

      Yes! Part of the fun for your dog is they're able to retrieve it with some hard work. The Tennis Ball can then be placed back in the barrel.

    • Can I put Wild One toys in the dishwasher?

      Yes, but please remove the tennis ball prior to washing, and wash the barrel on the top rack of your dishwasher.

    • Where are Wild One toys made?

      Our toys are designed in NYC and manufactured in China. Be assured that our manufacturing partners must comply with stringent quality-control standards for every product. Our production team visits these manufacturers on a regular basis to ensure policies and procedures are in full compliance with regulations. In addition, we perform ongoing material and safety tests on all of our products. For added assurance, we use independent third-party testing facilities.

    • Can I give Wild One toys to any size dog?

      While our toys service a wide variety of dogs- please use caution. It is important to select the appropriate toy type, size, and material based on your dog's age, breed, chewing style, and weight. The pressure exerted by a strong chewer's jaw is considerable and can break toys into smaller pieces at a faster rate. Therefore, they should always be monitored. It is recommended that toys be large enough to not induce choking or present the risk of the toy getting stuck in your dog's jaw. If you have more than one dog in your household, select toys that are appropriate for your largest, strongest chewer, and/or always monitor play time. All of Wild One’s toys come in standard and small sizes, except for the Tennis Tumble, which just comes in a standard size, intended for medium and large dogs.

    • Are Wild One toys durable for heavy chewers/ rough players?

      Our toys are built to take a beating. However, we encourage you to embrace your dog’s destruction! Make sure to always supervise your pup's play, and take away any stray, rubber, or rope that might become a choking hazard. Ripping a toy to shreds is a great way for your pup to release both mental and physical energy. A reminder that no toy is indestructible.

    • Are Wild One toys warranty guaranteed?

      No toy is deemed indestructible. The toy’s longevity depends on your dog’s strength & play style. Therefore, our toys are not warranty guaranteed. However, if you have any issues please reach out to us!

    • Are Wild One toys safe for all ages, from puppies to seniors?

      Yes. All of our toys are safe and recommended for dogs of any age. Be sure to always monitor playtime, and discard any disassembled pieces to avoid choking hazards. We recommend puppies begin to play with toys at 4-5 weeks old. All play should be monitored, whether they're a puppy or an adult dog, to prevent injury

    • What if my dog does not like the toy?

      Your dog is not guaranteed to like any toy, but if your pup has a certain style of play, it is best to match them up to the appropriate toy (*play style descriptions are located on the product pages). Also adding a spread or peanut butter to the toy may increase engagement when introducing a new toy.

    • Do you need a lot of space for this toy?

      Nope. This toy is great for entertaining your pup anywhere, whether an apartment bedroom or spacious backyard.

    • Do all tennis balls work with this toy?

      Yes. You can use any standard size Tennis Ball with this toy.

Solo Play-All-Day

Hands-free toy to keep them busy


A classic tennis ball inside a durable rubber barrel

Strategic Design

A challenging game for your pup

Let The Good Times ROLLLLL

This ultimate puzzle toy is perfect for pup development and boasts hours of solo playtime. WFH just got easier with this doggy distraction.

Pause Play
Key Features
Solo Play All Day

A hands-free toy — so they can solve the puzzle while you do…anything else! Watch your dog as they try to free the tennis ball from captivity.

Two Toys In One

Includes a durable natural rubber barrel, and a classic Wild One Tennis Ball, so when the ball has been freed, a new game can start.

Flexible Structure

The natural rubber barrel offers enough give for you to retrieve the Tennis Ball, while still serving as a fun challenge for your pup.