Calming Treats For Dogs, and How Do They Work?

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Sometimes we get nervous. We find ourselves thinking quickly or critically or feeling like we’re on edge. Unfortunately, sometimes our pets feel the same way. Dogs can suffer from being nervous, and in some more severe cases, they can even suffer from generalized anxiety, just like people can.

If you find yourself observing your pup, and you can tell that they’re slightly nervous or maybe just a little overly energetic, you may want to consider some high-quality calming treats.

Before We Begin

It’s important to make the distinction here that anxiety in dogs can be very serious, and in most cases, it cannot be diagnosed by anyone other than a veterinarian. Additionally, calming treats are not an alternative to medication, should your pup need it.

If you suspect that your dog may have anxiety, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

What Are Calming Treats?

Calming treats for dogs are treats meant to help reduce energy and nervousness in pups. They’re non-medicinal and are made from natural ingredients like herbs and minerals. Calming treats can also be classified as being soothing treats, and you’ll see them marketed as such quite often. Calming treats are designed to be used on an occasional basis, and most will recommend that you only allow your pup one per day.

What’s in Calming Treats?

When reading the labels on calming dog treats, you’ll most often find that they’re made of some familiar ingredients. There are herbal ingredients found in many calming treats, like chamomile, lavender, or ginger, that have been shown to have an effect on people. It is believed that they have similar effects on dogs!

Other ingredients that can be found in some calming dog treats are tryptophan and melatonin, two chemical compounds that have been shown to have calming effects in both humans and dogs, as well.

Most often, you’ll find that calming treats are highly regarded by people who believe in using natural remedies with their pups, as they don’t expose them to chemicals or medications. Again, these calming treats should be considered non-medicinal.

How Do They Work?

The herbs and naturally occurring chemicals found in dog calming treats interact with their mental state, helping to increase positivity and create soothing effects. The chemicals found in the supplements can increase serotonin and dopamine, causing the desired stress relief that your pup may need from time to time.

What Are Calming Treats For?

Calming treats are supplemental treats that are given to pups to reduce symptoms of stress. In most cases, these symptoms of stress are easily observed and tend to differ from your four-legged friend’s normal behavior.

How To Identify When Your Pup is Experiencing Stress

The ways that dogs show stress are generally very obvious. The behaviors that indicate stress will be different from your pup’s normal behavior and may seem to show up out of nowhere. In a lot of cases, the main trigger for the stress isn’t able to be identified and may not appear again for a long period of time, if at all.

If your pup is showing any of the following symptoms, they may be stressed out:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Excessive drooling
  • Destructive tendencies
  • Excessive barking
  • Accidents, like urinating or defecating in the house
  • Pacing and other repetitive behaviors
  • Heavy panting without exercise
  • Inability to sleep or calm down

Any of these symptoms may show that your pup is experiencing stress to some degree. If your four-legged friend seems stressed out, calming treats may be something you can look into to help reduce their symptoms.

5 Ways That Calming Treats Are Helpful

The next time you think your dog might be experiencing stress of some sort, consider calming treats. Here are five reasons that calming treats can be helpful for your pup’s stress, as well as their overall health!

1. Stress Relief

Of course, the first reason that calming treats are helpful is the ability to relieve stress in dogs. This stress relief can be monumental for a pup that’s having a hard time or one that may be experiencing something more stressful than they’re used to, like a change of scenery. Calming treats can aid in overall stress relief, alongside being cared for by their owners.

2. Social Skills

Social skills can be stressful for dogs that have yet to be socialized! When meeting new dogs or meeting dogs for the first time, having a calming treat may help take the edge off your pooch. This can promote better first meetings and make your dog more comfortable in future introduction since they’ll have a positive association with the interaction already.

3. Tones Down Hyperactivity

If your dog tends to go through hyperactive phases, having a calming treat may help when that burst of energy hits. Calming treats are made to help your dog de-stress and relax and can be a good way to mitigate that hyperactive behavior as it starts.

4. Promotes Better Rest

When sleeping problems occur for your dog, a calming treat can help them get to the point where they can rest more easily. If you’ve noticed restless behavior in your dog, providing them a calming treat or supplement may help them to calm down and get a good night’s rest.

5. Natural Remedies

Calming treats are helpful for pups in a way that’s gentle on their stomachs. They’re made from natural ingredients, like herbs and minerals, that won’t be harsh on your dog’s digestive tract.

What to Look For in Calming Treats

When you’re considering purchasing calming treats, there are a few things to consider when looking at all of your options.

Simple Ingredients

It’s important when picking a calming treat for your four-legged friend that you know exactly what’s in it. An ingredient list with names that you can pronounce or that are explained on the packaging is important. Most times, the fewer the ingredients, the better, similar to the way that good treats are picked.

Professionally Reviewed or Tested

Because calming treats are non-medicinal, they are more loosely regulated. When looking to purchase calming ingredients, it’s encouraged that you choose an option that has been tested or reviewed by a professional organization, like the Board Certified Veterinarian group. You want to know that what your pooch is consuming has been looked into. If you have any questions, make sure to ask your vet.

Reasonable Claims

As has been highlighted many times in this article, calming supplements are not an alternative to necessary medications. You want to be sure that the company that is selling the calming supplements that you’re considering understands this as well, and only makes claims that are akin to stress relief rather than anxiety reduction.

The two are different from one another, and the distinction should be clear.

Calm Canines

If you think your best friend may be stressed, looking into calming treats is a way to help relieve some of that stress. Calming treats are often natural supplements that can help promote a healthy way to relieve your pet’s everyday stresses.

When looking for a calming treat, always remember to look for one that has simple ingredients, has been professionally reviewed, and is sold by a company that understands the weight that their claims may carry. Help alleviate your pup’s stress today!


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