Cara Woodhouse is a new dog mom that knows design

Cara Woodhouse is a new dog mom that knows design
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Cara Woodhouse is the founder of Cara Woodhouse Interiors, a residential and commercial interior design firm. Her brand new puppy, Kane, now comes to work with her everyday at her office in Williamsburg. Cara manages projects with Kane on her lap, which is fitting because many of the homes she works on incorporate dog-friendly features. Cara told us about the joy of having a new puppy and watching her kids turn into pet parents. Read on for their story!

Wild One: How did you know it was the right time to get a dog?

Cara Woodhouse: We didn’t...really. We’re moving into a new house this fall, and I thought that would be good timing because our family would be more settled. My children and I had been wanting a dog for awhile, begging my husband. He was more hesitant, but suddenly came around a couple months ago and made the impromptu decision.

WO: Did you grow up with dogs?

CW: Yes, a couple! I grew up with a maltese, which I had for 15 years, then we got a shitzu. This is my kids’ first dog, and I’m excited for them to have that experience. Kane already feels like my dog child.

WO: Speaking of dog children, how does your family split up dog duties?

CW: Despite my husband having been the most hesitant to get a dog, he’s surprisingly the most involved with Kane! Actually, it makes sense, he’s the most amazing dad. My kids are obsessed with Kane and have little chores. They give him meals and play with him constantly. My little one has taken to feeding him treats as a reward when he uses the wee wee pad. 

WO: Any funny stories about Kane and your kids?

CW: We have a kitchen island and Kane chases my kids in a circle as they run around and around. The first few times Kane kept knocking into things, his paws sliding everywhere. I’m impressed by how fast he is - he really can keep up with them! 

Kane also plays soccer with my kids and my husband. My husband is English and he’s a huge soccer fan. Kane will get into the game and can actually kind of kick the ball around. It’s a mini soccer ball, but he’s really good!

WO: What’s been the most noticeable change since getting Kane?

CW: We all talk about how calming Kane is. He’s a very therapeutic presence in our family. The unconditional love and sweetness never gets old. My son was sick the other day and Kane laid with him for hours. Dogs know when you need something.

WO: When clients have pets, do you consider that in your design approach?

CW: Dogs are one of my favorite elements to design around! For two recent clients we did these custom lucite gates for blocking off rooms. They’re crystal clear acrylic so sometimes people don’t even realize they’re there. 

Of course rugs are a big one. Perennials makes this really cool rug that you can clean with bleach. The rug can be black, but cleaners won’t damage it, and it maintains a very luxurious silky feel.

Photo credit: Sam Liebeskind

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