A Guide to Eating and Drinking With Your Dog: Los Angeles, CA

A Guide to Eating and Drinking With Your Dog: Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is one of those magical places where the weather never changes. Combine that with the dog-friendly nature of the city you’ve reached the pinnacle of dog-parenthood. Take advantage of the year round outdoor seating, and ever have to leave your best friend behind with the Wild One approved spots for eating and drinking with your dog in LA.

Culver City

Destroyer is Scandinavian heaven with swoon-worthy serveware located in Culver City. Plus, they’ve got outdoor seating so you can enjoy an avocado confit in the company of your best friend. 

Salazar - Frogtown


Tacos, tacos, drinks, more tacos... and more drinks. Enjoy them in the backyard with your pup at this Frogtown spot. You won’t regret it.


This Venice staple has literally everything you could want in an eatery from morning till night including a bakery, a to-go counter, a coffee bar, a full liquor bar, a small patio, then the full restaurant itself, complete with a separate patio for you and your dog to enjoy a meal and a few cocktails.

Resident - Los Angeles

Arts District

Resident is a beer garden, music venue combo serving up food, drinks, sounds, and all the pups you can manage to pet.


This coffee-shop, deli, bakery, sandwichery serves up some seriously good eats with an equally as good backyard. Grab some food and head out back with your pup to enjoy some warm LA sun.

Alcove - Los Feliz

Alcove Cafe
Los Feliz

Alcove is the perfect casual, all-day spot. The restaurant is located in two historic bungalows surrounded by a garden patio where you and your four-legged friend can relax and grab a bite.

Morrison - Atwater Village

The Morrison
Atwater Village

This super dog friendly spot has a front patio AND its own doggie menu. Grab craft brew and a burger for yourself, and a chopped hamburger with rice off the dog menu for your pup.


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