Dog Gear for The Design Lover

Dog Gear for The Design Lover

One of the many reasons Wild One products are different is the blend of aesthetics with function. Our goal is to create dog essentials that not only looks great but works well too in order to make life as pup and parent better. As a team of pet owners ourselves, we don’t think having a dog should require choosing between something that looks beautiful and something that works great.

While designing Wild One’s core product line, we were heavily influenced by the (human) fashion brands we admire, many of which are led by dog-owning designers. As both a fashion and dog enthusiasts it’s been a true treat to build products that mend both passions.


Wild One LeashesWild One Harness and Collar Walk Kit

Wild One Walk Kit’s are designed in varied neutrals to match any outfit, so even the most discerning fashion enthusiast will find one that suits their mood. Made with our unique flex-poly coated nylon strap that is super durable and easy to clean. The multiple zinc alloy snap hooks and coated carbon steel D-rings allow for multiple adjustable lengths for navigating city traffic or for enjoying a stroll through the park.


Wild One Collar and LeashWild One Collars

Made with the same flex-poly coated nylon strap as the leash and looks endlessly chic with its color-matched pair or mix and match if the mood strikes. And it doesn’t just look good, the zinc alloy buckle and coated carbon steel D-ring work well too. The prong-buckle ensures your pup stays secure by your side on walks, and secure on them while at home.


Wild One HarnessesWild One Harness and Leash

You know that feeling when you slide on the perfect pair of gym leggings? It’s like they hug you in all the right places, even when pushed to the limits. A cushioned, lightweight harness inspired by sportswear so that it’s comfortable for long walks or scenic runs. Soft, stretchy, and resilient just like your favorite leggings. So comfortable you can say goodbye to harsh, rubbing nylon straps under your pups arms The harness is designed to fit deep under their chest for more mobility. Plus two leash attachment points, one on the back and one on the chest make it easy to lead the way you want to.

Poop Bag Carrier

Wild One Poop Bag CarriersWild One Poop Bag Carrier and Leash

Soft touch plastic, super luxe, eco-friendly poop bag rolls, that will make picking up poop feel a little more glamorous. They’ve been called “buttery soft” and we’ve never heard of a more accurate description.


Wild One Bed with DogWild One Beds

Sharing your home with your best friend doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Seamlessly fit your pups essentials into your home’s aesthetic with the sleekest memory foam bed. And, it’s probably comfier than your own. The Wild One Bed is double-tiered, human-grade memory foam with a durable, washable cover and water-resistant liner.


Wild One Bowls in BlackWild One Bowls in Tan

Our Bowls are far from average. Choose between black and tan to serve up meals on another level. A high-grade stainless steel body with a non-slip silicone base for enthusiastic eaters. It has a 4-cup capacity for the super hungry (and thirsty), and it’s dishwasher safe.

Toss, Tug, and Chew Toys

Wild One Toys with DogWild One Toys

“Finally, dog toys that don’t make my eyes bleed.” Wild One toys are loved by pups and parents. We spent more than a year designing and iterating to create these multifunctional, beautiful toys. We know all dogs play differently so we meticulously designed each toy to serve multiple functions so your pup never gets bored. Wild One Toys’ sleek, no fluff design won’t be an eyesore when they’re inevitable strewn across the floor. And as a bonus, there’s no squeak so your ears won’t bleed either.


Wild One Pet ShampooWild One Pet Shampoo with Dog

The cleanest pet shampoo ever. And, it’s not even just for pets. Team Wild One’s morning routine has gotten a major upgrade too. With a founding team of two women it was important for our grooming to be female-founder approved, and our hair has never been better. Our conditioning shampoo gently cleans and conditions without stripping natural oils. Leaving hair nourished, not stripped. Plus it has all the things you want for yourself and your pups routine. Our conditioning shampoo is vegan, hypoallergenic, 99.8% natural, paraben and sulfate (SLS) free, and made without artificial colors, fragrances, or chemical detergents. It also features a soothing natural conditioning blend made of 14 natural oils and extracts.


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