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Dog Wipes: Like Baby Wipes but Made for Your Dog

It’s always smart to give your dog a bath every week or month, depending on how dirty they get, the length of their hair, and other factors. But dogs get dirty no matter what, and it can be a hassle to give your dog a bath every day or so (especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors).

What’s the solution? For many people, it’s dog wipes.

Dog wipes are just like baby wipes, but they are made for your dog using different ingredients and are designed to avoid digestive upsets if your dog licks their skin or fur. If you've never used dog wipes before, read on. We'll break down what dog wipes are, how to use them well, and why they are beneficial.

What Are Dog Wipes?

Dog wipes, also sometimes called grooming wipes, are cleaning products that help you wipe away dirt, extra hair, and grime or matted debris from your dog's fur. While it’s important to bathe your dog using shampoo, conditioner, and a tub of water from time to time, you may not want to give them a full bath every day (nor is that necessarily healthy).

But what if your dog spends a lot of time outside getting dirty or has hair that’s vulnerable to clumping up or getting matted with oil? In those cases, dog wipes are the solution.

Dog wipes are disposable, easy to use, and allow you to spot clean your dog or help you keep them groomed and relatively clean in-between baths. To make sure that they’re safe for your pup, dog wipes are only ever formulated with certain carefully chosen ingredients, many of which are organic and not derived from chemicals.

When Should You Use Dog Wipes?

Anytime you like! Dog wipes are meant to be easy and disposable cleaning products that you can take with you on a hike, keep around your home, or bring with you when you visit family.

Some of the best times to use dog wipes include:

  • When your dog comes in from outdoors and has muddy paws, use the wipes to make sure they don’t track in dirt.
  • When your dog’s fur is matted in several areas, oftentimes from playing with other dogs and rolling around in the dirt.
  • When your dog gets into a bush or something that they shouldn’t have, and you don’t want them to lick up any residue or dirt.
  • When your dog smells a little funny. In some cases, a grooming wipe on the affected fur can help your dog smell like normal without having to give them a full-on bath.

In addition to all of these use cases, dog grooming wipes can be very helpful if you or someone in your family is allergic to dog dander. If this is the case, odds are you already give your dog a weekly bath with a gentle shampoo.

However, wiping your dog down with dog wipes can also be wise since this will get rid of any outdoor allergens that may be trapped in your dog’s fur coat. In this way, you can minimize major allergic reactions in between bath sessions.

While using dog wipes regularly can be a wise idea depending on how dirty your dog gets, you shouldn’t use dog wipes too often. Your dog’s fur needs a certain amount of healthy oil to retain its softness and health. Therefore, try not to use dog wipes more than once per day (unless you’re just using the wipes on your dog’s paws).

Can You Use Baby Wipes Instead?

No. Although baby wipes may seem similar to dog grooming wipes on the surface, they are practically very different because they use different ingredients.

For example, many baby wipes use potentially harmful or harsh ingredients like essential oils, artificial moisturizers, and alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. While these are fine for use with a human infant (who will not constantly lick their own skin or ingest potentially harmful compounds), they can be dangerous for your pup.

After you use a dog grooming wipe, odds are your dog will want to lick themselves out of habit or instinct. Unfortunately, this means that they have a high chance of ingesting anything in a dog grooming wipe (whether it’s meant to be ingested or not).

Therefore, only grooming wipes formulated specifically for dog safety should be used. If a wipe isn’t meant for canines, don’t use it.

Keep in mind that many quality dog grooming wipes can still be very effective when used with your pup. They can clean away dirt and debris just as well as baby grooming wipes for humans.

How To Use Dog Wipes

Dog wipes can always be helpful, but they’ll be even more effective if you use them correctly.

Here’s how to use a dog wipe smartly step-by-step:

Let Your Dog Smell the Wipe

First, always let your dog smell a new dog wipe, even if you have used the same brand before. Most dogs don’t like it when things are suddenly rubbed onto their hair or skin, so let your dog acclimate to the smell of the wipe before applying it.

This is doubly important if your dog is a little shy and nervous by nature. This way, they won’t be worried as you rub the wipe over their dirty hair or paws.

Rub the Wipe Gently On Dirty Areas

Next, rub the wipe gently on any areas where you can see visible dirt, oil, or excess matted fur. As you rub the wipe, use your thumb and pointer fingers to dig the wipe’s ingredients into your dog’s hair to get rid of extra dirt and debris.

This may also be necessary if you use a wipe on your dog’s paws. When cleaning your dog’s paws, be sure to clean in between their toes and on the tops. Depending on the length of your dog’s nails, you may also wish to wipe around the nails from time to time since dirt can get stuck in their tips.

Throw the Wipe Away When It Becomes Visibly Dirty

Once one wipe becomes visibly dirty, always throw it away instead of continuing to use it. If you continue to use a dirty wipe, you could just spread dirt and hair around your dog's fur coat. This may not really get off the allergens or the smell as you intend.

Fortunately, most dog grooming wipes packs come with plenty of wipes to spare, so you don’t need to worry about running out too soon.

Wild One’s Dog Grooming Wipes

Dog Grooming Wipes from Wild One are by far the best overall choice for pet parents just like yourself. These biodegradable, hypoallergenic wipes are designed to be safe and gentle for your dog no matter where you plan to use them.

Even better, they are made without any parabens, sulfates, or alcohol. They also don’t come with chemical detergents. In this way, even if your dog likes to give themselves a bath after being wiped down, you won’t need to worry about them ingesting anything harmful.

These biodegradable wipes can gently clean your dog’s skin and coat, minimizing unpleasant odors and removing excess dirt. They’re made with ingredients like aloe vera and soothing coconut water, plus they come with a pleasant eucalyptus scent.

Each pack of dog wipes comes with 70, so you’ll have plenty whether you take this pack with you on a hike or just keep them around the house from when your dog tries to track in mud from outdoors!

Staying Clean: Every Member of Your Family

As you can see, dog wipes can be phenomenal additions to your wellness kit – especially if your dog likes to get dirty or if you’re allergic to dandruff or the allergens that get trapped in your dog’s hair. Dog grooming wipes are easy to use, safe for your dog even if they lick themselves, and are the perfect solution for keeping your dog clean in between baths.

You can grab a pack of dog grooming wipes today from Wild One. Alternatively, you can check out our other grooming and wellness products, including our Grooming Kit. The Grooming Kit comes with the biodegradable grooming wipes mentioned above, as well as natural conditioning shampoo.

Between these two products, you’ll have almost everything you need to give your dog a thorough, cleansing bath from time to time and keep them clean around the clock. Check out the grooming kit today or see the rest of our store for other products.


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