A Valentine's Day horoscope reading for your dog

A Valentine's Day horoscope reading for your dog

Does your dog wonder why you don’t pee outside? Do paws smell like corn chips or do corn chips smell like paws? Why was Clifford so damn big and red? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the latest installment of dog horoscopes.

Single, coupled, married or anything in between, we know you regard your dog as your one true love. Therefore, you’re probably curious as to how your dog would like to spend their day of romance. Would they like to be swaddled in a throw blanket and fed chicken tenders, or taken out for a night of dancing on the town? Well, we’re not mind readers, though we do make products so beloved by your pup, that sometimes it may seem we are. Anyway, we looked to the stars so you can formulate the perfect V-Day celebration.


These dogs are always searching for an unprecedented experience. They heard there was a new street art installation downtown, and they’d like to go on a meandering stroll, so they can soak up every ounce of creative expression with their favorite companion.


Brimming with emotions galore 365 days of the year, these dogs get to let their feels run free on Valentine’s Day. Most of their excitement stems from their love for you, and therefore want to use this special day for a surprise date night. Be prepared to come home to homemade kibble for two (and a glass of wine for you).


Aries pups will take any excuse for a spontaneous adventure, with Valentine’s Day acting as no exception. Prepare to return home on the 14th and be greeted by your dog wearing a puffer coat with a sled laying at their boot-wearing feet. Sled the night away, but don’t forget the poop bags - sledding can be hair-raising, even for an adrenaline junkie. 


It should come as no surprise that these dogs want to cozy up on the sofa and binge watch reruns of Planet Earth. That said, Taurus dogs always expect a bit of luxury. Couch-side champagne for you and a bedside steak for them will do the trick, But please, your dog  just asks that it’s medium rare.


Gemini dogs can’t shake their socialite habits. Rather than an intimate date night, these pups would prefer to have their favorite dogs, and their respective humans, over for a V-Day soiree. With no control over the invite list - your dog has that taken care of - you may want to pick up some snacks on the way home given you’re involuntarily hosting a party. 


These dogs are the first to admit that they love love, and can’t wait to spend time with the hand that feeds. These dogs swoon for a long walk in the park at sunset, followed by dinner for two, flowers, and a card filled with sweet haikus about your love for them. And if you’re having trouble finding a cupid-shaped chew toy, maybe just opt for a pink or red classic. 


Leo dogs radiate love for themselves and others, making V-Day their perfect opportunity to show their appreciation for the special relationship you have. When you return home on February 14th, don’t be alarmed by the theatrical display of old shoes, toys and loose paper heaped by the front door. Your dog made this art for you and they’re very proud of their talents.


These dogs find meticulous planning romantic. Usually they’re coordinating their mealtimes by reminding you *eh-hem* it’s 5 o’clock, but V-Day is an opportunity for them to take a back seat while you treat them to dinner. Grab the carrier and tote them to a dinner reservation - extra points if you arrive a few minutes early. 


Libra dogs’ love language is embedded in giving and receiving gifts, preferably beautiful gifts. Whether a shiny toy or a natural shampoo to test on their coat, something new and pretty will make these dogs feel truly loved this V-Day.


These good boys like a good time  and V-Day is no exception. Scorpio dogs thrive during the moonlight hours, so after dinner, hit up your local dog-friendly bar and let the night take you where it may. 


Grab your passports and Travel Carrier because you’re taking your dog to Bali! Sag dogs love a spontaneous trip abroad, but if you have a busy February and Bali isn’t in the cards, a spontaneous trip to an undiscovered dog park should have a similar effect. All they really want is some quality time with their favorite human.


Valentine’s Day is an excuse for Capricorns to take an evening off from work, and make room for some fun...practical fun that is. These dogs want wholesome and productive bonding activities - think a DIY spa day or a 1,000 piece puzzle. Relaxing can be foreign to these pups, and the gift of a calm, work-free evening is the profession of love they need.

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