A Full Moon Reading for Your Dog

A Full Moon Reading for Your Dog

Is their fight with the mailman destined for truce? Is the lamppost less sniffed worth sniffing? Will they ever realize that they were the good boy all along? We’ve got the answers according to the Zodiac.

Greetings from the ether! We just passed the full harvest moon, (the last one until 2049!) and in the spirit of autumnal vibes, we’re bringing you a special astrological reading for your pup. That’s right, we’ve got dog horoscopes. So light a candle or something because we’re about to spill some cosmic tea.



Ever wonder who truly is your dog’s favorite human? Things are about to be abundantly clear in the coming weeks. As the sun and Mars meet Mercury, you dog is going to be keenly aware of their desires, especially when it comes to their most important relationships. We’re rooting for you to be the winner of their purest heart, but, if all else fails, toss ‘em a jerky.


Don’t be alarmed if your dog is a bit wild this month. They’re busy orbiting their most introspective house, so their subconscious is working overtime to reconnect to their inner animal. Don’t leave any raw meat laying around and it should be fine. If you want to be extra cautious, schedule a little extra fetch time to curb their hunting instincts.


Because the new moon is in Virgo, it’s important for your dog to be immersed in their community. Get your dog people over with a nice crudite platter and a binge session of “Unlikely Animal Friends.” Everyone will be having the times of their lives. Your dog needs to stay close to those who support their lifestyle of snacking and television.


It can be easy for your Sagittarius pup to stay in their comfort zone. This month, encourage them to try new things – make new friends at the park or perhaps try a new treat. By shepherding them to new pastures, you’ll increase their self esteem and intensify your bond. Who knows, there might be a new friend for you at the dog park as well…


Plan an adventure for your Capricorn canine. As we move into a new Libra moon, your dog will be feeling ambitious, hopeful, and hungry for inspiration (and also cheese). They may not be on Pinterest, but your dog’s got wanderlust. Take them to a lake or a new dog-friendly bar – just something out of their routine. They’ll be so excited.


There’s been something in your pup’s life – a toy, a hike, a person knocking on the door – something challenging that they haven’t been able to overcome. We’ve all faced adversity (like when blonde Kaitlin is kicking your butt in spin class), so let your pup know that it’s ok. Give ‘em a belly rub or an extra kiss. They deserve that.


Mars is directly in your dog’s house of relationships, which means that they are ready for some 1-on-1 bonding time. Whether it's a picnic or just an extra long walk, your pup is jonesing for some extra attention. We recommend slow dancing to “Desperado” by Eagles, but really the activity is up to you.


Your Aries pup is the life of the dog park with more play dates than a Jolie Pitt child. Judging by their rising moon, that’s not slowing down any time soon. With Venus and Mercury entering Libra, you can expect a new BFF to enter their life. This may be a perfect time to adopt a new sibling for them… how exciting! Mazel tov!


Your dog is on the brink of a creative breakthrough. We’re not saying they’re Picasso, or even that one elephant that paints landscapes, but keep an eye out. You never know what kind of sculpture might come out of their next chew session. One dog’s destructive behavior in another’s masterpiece, after all. You know saying, don’t you? It’s very famous.


Oh Gemini dogs… when they’re good, they’re oh so good. When they’re bad, well, your whole house smells like a trash can. Your dog might have been feeling a bit of anxiety lately, perhaps has required a bit more discipline. But fear not, their moons are moving into a full house so they’ll feel content and stable faster than you can say, “Hey! That rug’s expensive!”


With Mercury, Venus, and Mars parked in their communication and learning sectors, your dog is feeling particularly studious. If you ever wanted to teach them how to get a can of White Claw out of the fridge for you (listen, no judgement), now’s the time. If they end up munching on some aged brie while they’re in there, we’re sorry. But honestly, who can blame them?


OK, we swear we don’t say this to everyone, but your dog could be a model. They are legitimately really, really good looking. If they don’t currently have an Instagram presence, we don’t know what you’re doing. The Pisces full moon is just going to heighten your dog’s financial stability and sense of self worth. Sounds like a kibble influencer in the making…

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