Pets & Their People: Eames Keeps Eny Calm In The Studio

Pets & Their People: Eames Keeps Eny Calm In The Studio
Pets & Their People features ‘how we met’ vignettes of dogs and their humans, uncovering the particularities of this relationship, from touching adoption tales to outlandish quirks.

Eny Lee Parker is a spatial designer that uses clay to create whimsical works of furniture, lighting and wearables. Her dog, Eames, is a four-year-old Cockapoo-Boxer mix (we think?), who loves his Wild One bed and harness a whole lot. We visited Eny’s new Brooklyn studio for a peek at recent designs and a chat with Eames. Our main takeaway? This duo knows good design when they see it.

Eames crawling on the table to retrieve his Walk Kit 
WILD ONE: How did you meet Eames? Were you looking to adopt a dog?
ENY LEE PARKER: We adopted Eames on a trip to Georgia. We were visiting friends and stumbled upon a local shelter, where we immediately fell in love with Eames' mellow demeanor and strange appearance (he had a rat tail). My partner and I had wanted a dog for awhile, and when we saw Eames we just knew it was right.
WO: Is your relationship to Eames very parental?
ELP: It's more of a sibling relationship - I torment him a lot! He has this grandpa personality, and for some reason it makes me want to poke fun at him. We play tons of hide-and-seek. My partner holds onto him while I hide. When released, he rushes around until spotting me, then we race back to my husband to determine the winner.

WO: Does Eames influence your work? Have you ever designed dog furniture for him?
ELP: His biggest in-studio influence is keeping me calm. If something stressful happens, like a table cracks, his cathartic energy keeps me from freaking out.
As for dog furniture, I started to design a bed for him at one point, but they’re so hard to make! Eventually, I'd love to create something bespoke for him, maybe toys because of the interesting sculptural element.

WO: Tell us about your design background and unique style.
ELP: I studied interior design in undergrad and eventually went back to school for my master’s degree in furniture. During that time, I worked in retail and did design projects, slowly gaining a social media presence. I ended up doing a show in New York that led to the organic creation of my business, which I’ve officially had for two years!  
I love the natural shapes hand building with clay produces. Most rooms are quite geometric, and furniture can bring fluidity.
WO: What does your typical day look like?
ELP: In the mornings, Eames and I go to Cooper Park in Brooklyn for off-leash time. After he plays with his dog friends, we head to the studio, and then he sleeps all day in his Wild One bed.

WO: Where does the name Eames come from?
ELP: It’s inspired by Charles and Ray Eames, the famous industrial designers who created the Eames lounge chair. Also, my husband and I both have “E” names, so it felt right.
WO: How has Eames influenced your lifestyle?
ELP: Eames is very easy going, so he definitely hasn’t limited my adventures. He comes on road trips and loves the car. Our longest road trip is from New York to Augusta. My husband is from a farm there, and Eames gets to run free outdoors. 
A dog with a color palette. We approve!
Photo credit: Sam Liebeskind  

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