Meet Veronica, Leading Innovation at Wild One

Meet Veronica, Leading Innovation at Wild One

Meet Veronica, Co-founder and Director of Production at Wild One (maker of all your favorite Wild One gear).

We asked Veronica her reasons to love the Wild One Walk Kit.

Q: What is your favorite feature of the Wild One Leash?

A: I’m too tall but I’ve been told from my shorter friends that they love to wrap the leash around their shoulder and waist for hands free walking! 

Q: What makes Wild One Collars different?

A: The collar comes in beautiful colors for all dog shapes, colors and sizes! Also a soft touch D ring to assemble your leash or dog tag and eliminate all of that jingle jangle (formal term ;) during your walk or jog with your pup! 

Q: People love the Poop Bag Carrier. What's your favorite part?

A: I have to say it might be what's inside that I love the most. Our eco-friendly poop bags are thicker than most (I’ve been told that’s important…). But of course, I also love that the matching PBC is the cherry on top of a beautiful walk kit #fashion.

Q: What makes the Wild One Harness special?

A: I actually walked past a dog wearing their Wild One Harness in the East Village the other night and immediately thought “I wish I was wearing that”. It’s like everyone's favorite fashionable, but comfortable top in their closet which is so hard to find. The harness is like that comfy cool top for your pups and super functional for the human with multiple hook placements depending on your dogs walk style.


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