A Boxer named Beau

A Boxer named Beau
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Morgan Jones, founder of the blog Curated by MoJo and social media strategist at Candid Co., grew up surrounded by Boxers. The breed followed her to college where she and her boyfriend, Christian, cared for a family dog while attending the University of Colorado. After a heartbreaking accident, Morgan and Christian stumbled upon Beau the Boxer, a jubilant goof from Utah. Morgan invited us to her Brooklyn apartment to chat about Beau’s birthday plans (he’s a Sagittarius) and his knack for drooling.

Wild One: Beau’s birthday is around the corner. How do you guys usually celebrate?

Morgan Jones: Yes, December 15th! Last year we had a holiday party at our apartment with some close friends. Our friends are Beau’s friends, so basically Beau had all of his human friends come over. We’re still figuring out plans for this year, but there’s guaranteed to be beer and ice cream involved.

WO: Is Beau super food-motivated?

MJ: He loves cheese and will do almost anything if it’s the promised reward. Otherwise he’s very well behaved and doesn’t grab food from the table, except for when Christian’s sister’s dog is involved. She has a Boxer named Pippa, and when her and Beau get together they wreak havoc. Pippa drags food to the ground, and once it’s there Beau’s happy to eat it. They went through a whole bunch of Easter chocolate one year while we weren’t looking. They’re strong dogs and were both fine, thankfully.

WO: How did you meet Beau?

MJ: It’s a very sad story that happily ends with Beau. Christian and I both grew up with Boxers so we’d long been in love with the breed. While in college, Christian brought one of his family dogs to school to live with us and it was great! We went on a vacation with Christian’s family and decided to leave our dog with a friend. While we were away there was a car accident, and our dog passed away.

We were absolutely heartbroken and trying to heal by scouring the internet for a brindle Boxer. The sadness was so deep that we couldn’t leave bed, and spent our days looking at dogs online. We found this amazing woman’s listing about a bunch of Boxers that needed homes, and immediately shared our story with her. She insisted that we needed one of her dogs immediately, declaring they were all little angels. We loved how invested she was and were quickly convinced. Now Beau’s about to turn five years old, and we couldn’t imagine the last five years without him.

WO: How did you pick the name Beau?

MJ: We had no idea what to name him when he arrived in Colorado. We reached out to our families and asked for suggestions - it was Christian’s sister who came up with Beau. The question was then do we spell it “Bo” or “Beau?” We liked that the sound alluded to Boulder, his childhood home, but he was also so naturally handsome. Beau, which means handsome in French, felt right.

WO: What makes Beau, Beau?

MJ: He acts like a lapdog, which comes from him being an only child. Mostly he’s a huge goof. He’s dopey in the sense that he meets new people and trusts them immediately. He’ll sit on anyone’s lap, head, really any body part. I guess you could say he’s motivated by friendship. 

He’s also a very slobbery boy. Beau’s always drooling and making mouth bubbles. We’re very proud.

Editor’s note: He sat on the Wild One interviewer’s head during this interview.

Photo credit: Sam Liebeskind

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