Congrats, You’re Getting a Dog!! But Now What?

Congrats, You’re Getting a Dog!! But Now What?

You’re bringing home a bundle of fur, how exciting! Not so exciting? Knowing where to start with all the stuff a new pup needs. But don’t worry, we got you.

You want everything in your home to be beautifully designed, responsibly made and built to last. Why should your pet gear be any different? Don’t waste time going through the internet’s thousands of products that belong in a poop bag. We know what you need to welcome home your new best friend and we’ll make sure that everything is perfectly suited for you and your lifestyle.

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Everyone knows that dogs love going for walks, but it actually is one of the most important parts of their day. Beyond providing exercise, walks are key in relieving stress, supporting socialization, and building a bond with your pup.

Our leash, collar, and harness are made from the same heavy duty, durable materials as your favorite outdoor recreation gear, but they’re designed with sleek, modern minimalism in mind. Made with flex poly coated nylon and zinc alloy clasps, each piece of our Walk range is buttery soft, made for all-weather conditions and easy to clean. Our leash is adjustable to 3 different lengths so you can decide how much control you have on walks – super important with a puppy.

The odor resistant collar and harness are much more comfortable than stiff rope nylon or leather, and they come in 5 sizes (XS-XL) to grow with your pup. We’ve matched everything (including a poop bag carrier!) so you and your dog look and feel your best no matter what.

“The leash and harness cleans beautifully, has held up to a very active 60 lb puppy! Get so many compliments on it, my groomer lusts after it every time.”
- Erin C, ☆☆☆☆☆ review

“I have had the walk kit for two weeks now and my puppy has been loving the harness. It’s soft and keeps her secure. The leash has a nice soft smooth touch but it’s durable.”
- Emily K, ☆☆☆☆☆ review

Wild One Dog Toys


Gnaw, fetch, tug, chomp – no matter how your pup likes to play, it’s important to give their nibbling instincts an outlet with safe, durable toys. Especially for teething puppies, toys are are great way to teach them what is and isn’t appropriate to chew. Your fingers, shoes, and coffee table can thank us later.

There are a lot of dog toys on the market, but a shocking number of them can’t stand up sharp puppy teeth. Made with weak materials that haven’t been tested for safety, these toys are riddled with choking hazards. Not to mention, they’re just ugly. Why do dog toys have to look like a child’s acid trip? Here’s the thing – they don’t.

Our toys actually look nice in your home and they’re made to play in multiple ways so your dog is never bored. Tested by tiny puppies and thick pitties, these toys are perfect for any size dog. We made them from the highest quality BPA-free rubber that meets human-grade food safe standards. No toy is indestructible (supervision is always a must), but ours are made for longevity. They’re great for tug of war, a game of fetch, or stuffing with treats and freezing to keep your pup occupied for hours. Best of all? They’re dishwasher safe. You’re right, we did think of everything.

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Wild One Dog Bowls


Puppies and adult dogs require different nutrition profiles and overall diets. And just because the kibble package says “healthy,” doesn’t mean it isn’t packed with corn fillers and other nasty preservatives. Ultimately, finding the best dog food for your pup can be a journey and we recommend bringing your vet along for the ride.

Once you figure out what you’re serving for dinner, it’s time to tackle what you’re putting it in. Tacky plastic bowls that spill and scuff up your floors? We didn’t think so. Our human-grade, food safe, stainless steel dog bowls look timeless in your living room and their silicone ring bottoms ensure they’re non-slip and spill-proof. Sleek and functional? Now that’s what we call delicious. 

“As a designer and a recent pup owner I quickly realized it was going to be hard for me to find dog products that were aesthetically pleasing, but also the best for my pup. Wild One surpasses those standards and I am looking forward to buying more puppy products from them!!”
- Rowan D, ☆☆☆☆☆ review

Wild One Single-Ingredient Dog Treats


All puppies are cute, but bad manners get real not-cute, real fast. That’s why it’s key to start training early. Experts agree that positive reinforcement is the best way to keep a pup on the straight and narrow. We recommend breaking up wholesome treats to reward good behavior.

Too many dog treats are made with a laundry list of ingredients that no one understands. If your pup has an allergic reaction to a treat, you’ll have no idea what caused it! Ours treats are all whole, human-grade ingredients: sweet potato, carp, chicken, or apples. That’s it. They’re all ethically sourced, made in the USA, and certified by the American Humane Association. We guarantee the only way to get a more delicious, pure dog treat would be to handpick it from your own garden. And who has time for that?

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Wild One Memory Foam Dog Bed


After all the excitement from walking, playing, and snacking, your puppy is going to need a serious nap. What better place than a bed that even you’d think was super comfy?

Our signature dog bed is made from memory and support foam, just like your favorite orthopedic mattress. It’s got a double poly-weave bed cover for durability and a water-resistant lining for potential accidents. This bed fits any design-forward decor and could even go in your dog crate. The sophisticated, raised edges are designed to be a puppy head rest. We’re not kidding when we say it’s comfortable. You can try it yourself – we’re not here to judge.

We know that was a lot of information, but there’s just one more thing. Don’t forget to send us pics of the puppy!

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