Essential Outdoor Dog Gear For The Great Outdoors

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Getting outside and into nature is something that every dog loves to do! Whether it’s going out for a hike, setting up camp in a park, or heading into the woods for some backpacking, there’s a plethora of gear made for pups that are available on the market. Most of these items are made for specific activities and can make those activities a lot more enjoyable when used properly.

Check out these pieces of outdoor gear made for your pup, and make going outdoors more fun this summer!

The Essentials

There are some essential pieces of gear that every pup needs anytime they go out the front door. These aren’t specific to outdoor adventure gear or outdoor activities like camping or hiking but are more so used from day to day. Quality pieces of essential gear can be used during daily walks or when spending the night in the woods, miles from home.


Harnesses are an essential piece of gear for any outdoor activity. They’re often far sturdier than collars and allow for more leash control, which can be very important when out in the woods with your four-legged friend. You’ll want to make sure that it’s comfortable, as well as easy to clean. A quality harness should be on the top of your essentials list.


A leash to complement your pup’s harness is necessary. Nearly all hiking trails, campgrounds, and parks require dogs to be leashed. You’ll want something durable, as well as easy to clean since you’ll be taking your pooch on adventures with you into the wilderness.

Retractable leashes aren’t recommended, as they don’t allow for enough leash control when in the great outdoors.

Waste Management

This is incredibly important. Just as you’d be inclined to pick up after your pet at home, you should be picking up after your pet when you’re outdoors. Most campgrounds and hiking trails will have rules about picking up after your dog, and if you’re backpacking, you should be following the Leave No Trace principles, one of which is cleaning up waste!

Make sure to have some bags with you, as well as a way to store them away from your other belongings if you don’t have access to a trash can.

Collapsible Water Bowls

When spending any time outdoors, we all know that hydration is important. This rings true for both people and pooches. Having a good supply of water is crucial to keeping your pup healthy on hot days, and you’ll need a way for them to enjoy that water.

First Aid Kits

No matter what kind of outdoor activities you’re doing with your companion, a first aid kit should be carried with you at all times. Components of a first aid kit should include gauze, non-stick bandages, cotton balls, antiseptic, tweezers, scissors, and a clotting agent.

Additionally, there are pet first aid guides available online that should be carried in case of an emergency. There is always at least a small chance of injury in the great outdoors, and a first aid kit can help you be prepared for it.


Not quite gear, but still an essential part of your dog’s daily activities, treats should be brought into the outdoors, too! Make sure that the treats you bring are nutritious and delicious. You wouldn’t want any upset stomachs while trying to enjoy nature!

Camping Gear

Now that we’ve covered the absolute essentials, we can get into some more specific pieces of gear. We’re starting with camping gear that will make your trip with your pooch enjoyable and carefree!


If you’re overnight camping, having good bedding for your pup is key so that they can get a good night’s sleep with you. Bring along a blanket from home, or buy a dedicated camping blanket for your pup. There are even some small sleeping bags designed with your pooch in mind! A cozy sleeping setup is required when camping for both you and your pup.

Tethering Systems

When camping, a good tether can be a lifesaver when setting up camp. Putting a tent together with a pup that may be getting into mischief is difficult, to say the least.

A tether can make sure that your four-legged friend can’t wander off and lets you get everything set up accordingly. Good tethers are long enough to promote freedom and prevent feeling trapped, all while being safe.

Dog Bowls

Apart from just a water dish, you’ll need to bring along a food bowl for your pup as well when you camp. This bowl can be specifically dedicated to camping, and collapsible bowls are available. If you’re not sure that you want to invest in a camping-specific bowl, bringing your bowl from home is always an option, too. Your pup might even appreciate the familiarity with his favorite bowl when in a new place.

Hiking and Backpacking

Different from camping, but similar enough to one another, hiking and backpacking gear are able to be lumped together fairly easily. Hiking refers to spending the day on the trail, where backpacking refers to spending nights out camping on the trail. Check out this gear for your pup that makes both activities a ton of fun!

Clip On Lights

When hiking in the early morning or spending the night out on the trail while backpacking with your pooch, clip-on lights are a must. They provide a little bit of light for your pup to see the ground with, and they offer you a way to keep track of your dog in the dark, should they somehow get off leash and become separated from you.

Dog Boots

Hiking trails can get rough and rocky and can pose a threat to soft paws. If you plan on hiking or backpacking somewhere that’s known to be fairly rocky, you should provide some protection to your pooch by purchasing some dog boots. They’re fairly easy to fit and place a barrier between your dog’s paws and anything on the trail that could hurt them.

Dog Backpacks

Some harnesses that are made specifically for backpacking and hiking actually double as small, doggie backpacks! These are a great way to pack some of your pooch’s essentials and let them carry some of the load.

Most dogs don’t mind it, and the backpacks are designed in such a way that they can’t be overstuffed and injure your four-legged friend.

Cooling Vests

If you’re spending your time outdoors during the hotter months of the year, make sure to bring a cooling vest for your pooch. Cooling vests work by using evaporation to cool your pup. Simply cover it in water, put it on your pooch, and let the sun do the rest! As the water evaporates, it creates a cooling effect that your pup will be sure to enjoy.

The Great Outdoorsy

When heading into the great outdoors with your pet, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got the right gear for your activity of choice! There are essentials that should be used in every outdoor excursion, as well as more specific items.

No matter what you choose to do, just be sure to get out there and do it and have fun with your pup!


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