Behind the Collection: Isaac Mizrahi Loves Wild One

Behind the Collection: Isaac Mizrahi Loves Wild One

We sat down with Isaac Mizrahi, the iconic designer and collaborator on our new Isaac Mizrahi Loves Wild One collection, to learn more about his inspiration behind the collection, some of his favorite pieces, and top things to do in NYC with his pup, Kitty.

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Wild One: What is your favorite piece from the Isaac Mizrahi Loves Wild One collection?

Isaac Mizrahi: It’s hard to pick a favorite—I love them all! The Collar Walk Kit has become a standout in our household though. I love that all of the accessories match, and it has everything you need for your daily walks, all in one. Kitty has been wearing the Cosmopolitan color all around town though and the pink contrasts with her black fur incredibly well. I can’t wait to gift this set during the holidays to the other pet parents in my life!

The Carry bags are also unbelievable. I can’t get enough of the gingham pattern, it’s beyond chic.

And I love to spoil myself as much as I spoil my dog, so Kitty and I have both been wearing the Bandana, which looks darling on the two of us!

WO: What made you want to collaborate with Wild One on this collection?

IM: Designing a pet collection has been on my bucket list for a while. I’ve loved Wild One’s pet essentials for my own dog, so this collaboration made total sense!


WO: Where did you draw inspiration for this collection?

IM: I took it back to my earlier days designing in New York City during the 90s. At that time, fashion played with a lot of patterns and bold colors, which I knew I wanted to integrate into these products.


WO: How did your experience as a dog owner influence the collection? 

IM: I have used many dog products over the years, so when working on this collection, I ensured that everything not only looked adorable but was functional for modern pet parents.
Everything is made to last and I love how easy it is to clean each piece—which is crucial for pups that spend lots of time outdoors, like Kitty. Whenever the collar or leash is dirty, I just have to rinse it with soap and warm water, and it looks sparkly new. I can’t recommend them enough.


WO: What does pet parenthood mean to you?

It means everything to me. We are so lucky to have dogs in our lives!


WO: What is your favorite thing to do with Kitty in the city?

IM: We love a long walk through Central Park during the fall (who doesn’t!) or spending time at the dog park in Union Square.


Rapid Fire Questions

WO: Describe Kitty in three words
IM: Cute, sweet, and shallow
WO: The MET or Guggenheim?
IM: Guggenheim
WO: Soft pretzels or hot dogs?
IM: Soft pretzels
WO: Empire State Building or Chrysler Building?
IM: Chrysler
WO: East Village or West Village?
IM: West Village
WO: Central Park or Washington Square Park?
IM: Washington Square Park
WO: Cosmopolitan or Hudson?
IM: Cosmopolitan 


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