Don’t Snooze on the Best Dog Bed

Don’t Snooze on the Best Dog Bed

After a long day of being your best friend, your dog deserves a cozy place to rest their sleepy, drooly snoot. Preferably somewhere that’s washable. We did say drooly, didn’t we?

It can be difficult to navigate the sea of dog beds available online, especially when they all look the same. And by “the same,” we mean unfortunate. Not to mention, most of them are just glorified canvas totes, stuffed with cotton balls, that lay on the floor collecting dust. We know that sounds dramatic, but when you’ve tested as many dog beds as we have, you get, well, testy. Lucky for you, we’ve worked with our designers and dog experts to create, paws down, the best dog bed ever. Let’s break down everything there is to love about the Wild One Bed.


You know that feeling when you slip into a really fancy hotel bed? That’s how your dog will feel every day when they nestle into our dog bed’s tiered, human-grade memory foam mattress. The curved edges are the perfect, plush place for your pup to lay their head, or rest a sassy elbow. We offer 3 sizes so that big dogs and littles can enjoy lounging with us.

Wild One Waterproof Dog Bed


Our super comfortable mattress comes with a waterproof lining and a removable, machine-washable cover. If you have a house-training puppy, or an accident-prone pup, this bed has you covered. Or rather, the odor-resistant lining has the bed covered. The layered, poly-weave cover makes this bed extra durable, and the non-slip base keeps it in place. 


“I love that this bed blends with the look and feel of our home instead of being the unsightly dog bed we have to hide when company comes over. My pup loves it and ditched his old bed immediately.”

- Juliana W.

Wild One Dog Bed in Apartment


Our products never compromise form for functionality, and this bed is no exception. It’s sleek, minimalist design looks at home in any house or apartment. We color matched it to our bowls and toys (and walk gear!) so that you can maintain your aesthetic across the board. For the full vibe, check out our Home Kit


“What about the pet parents out there that just want a minimalist approach to their dog gear? They might find design heaven at Wild One, a new brand full of chic and modern essentials. ”
- Pet Insider


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