The Dog Collar that’s Changing the Game

The Dog Collar that’s Changing the Game

Form over function? You and your dog shouldn’t have to sacrifice either. Check out the refreshingly clean (and highly functional) design of Wild One’s signature collar.

You know the deal – a dog’s paws smell like corn chips, their breath smells like treats, and their collar smells like a literal sewer. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our collar is high-performing, odor-resistant, and completely waterproof. Let’s break down the design.

The Strap

Made from a durable, flex-poly coated nylon, our collar holds up to some serious pulls from the end of a leash. Unlike stiff, scratchy nylon or leather, our buttery soft finish ensures the collar is comfortable around your pup’s neck. Unlike leather, it’s dirt resistant and easily washable with a wipe down and warm water. Your dog is way too cute to smell like mildew.

Wild One Weatherproof Dog Collar 
The Ring

We carbon coated the steel D-ring where you attach a custom tag or leash to get rid of the awful metal-on-metal rattling. From a romp in the park to a sleepy kerplunk on the floor, our collar stays silent. 

Dog Collar Hardware

“These collars are amazing! My dogs are in the water almost everyday and a traditional collar starts to smell so quickly, not these!”
- Juliana W.

The Buckle

Because safety is our first priority, the buckle is made from a super strong zinc alloy. It’s matte finish speaks to the collar’s cool, modern design. Not to mention, it can handle a lot of wear. Unlike a wiley martingale, this collar’s not going anywhere. We’ve used 3rd party testing to make sure that our collars hold up to pull, tumble, and abrasion testing. If it can handle our resident power-lifter, Jackson, it can handle any pup. 

The Kit

We made our collar to perfectly color match the other outdoor essentials that your dog needs to be fresh, functional, and fit your lifestyle. Our products outperform the others guys on city streets, park strolls, or rugged hikes. Check out the full Walk Kit complete the look and save 20%. 

Wild One Dog Collar and Leash Set

“Wild One is a one-stop-shop for stylish pet essentials that are as functional as they are fashionable! From carriers to collars, harnesses to beds, Wild One’s dog gear is crafted from resilient materials and an eye toward clean design.”
- Dog Milk


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