Don’t Freak Out – You Just Found the Best Leash Ever

Don’t Freak Out – You Just Found the Best Leash Ever

You carry a leash more than you carry almost anything else. Lean in to the high-style durability of Wild One’s innovative, signature leash.

We know the struggle of looking through dozens of leashes to find something that’s well-designed – both in function and aesthetics. We made our leash so that you don’t have to sacrifice looks or durability. We’ve done the hard work, research, and testing for you. This leash will hold up to every aspect of your lifestyle, and it will still turn heads at the dog park! There’s nothing more you could want from a leash, except maybe one that picks up poop for you.

The Look

We believe that dogs deserve the same kind of sophisticated design that their people would wear. That’s why our sleek, minimalist leash take notes from our favorite outdoor and athletic gear. We work with designers, industrial engineers, and manufacturers to ensure we’re using the highest quality materials and the most ethical sourcing. Well made is always our go-to aesthetic.

Wild One Dog Leash 
The Feel

Coated in matte flex-poly, our leash is buttery soft, but still supremely durable for tugging pups. We know it sounds crazy, but this leash is truly like nothing you’ve felt before. Imagine if rubber and a feather had puppies... that’s what it feels like. It wraps comfortably around your hand and is heavy duty enough for small and large dogs alike. 

Wild One Dog Leash

“The sport-focused materials are rare for these types of products (so rare, in fact, that many of the materials used by Wild One have never been used in the industry before). Like the matte flex poly-coated nylon collars, leashes, and harnesses, which wipe clean and are silky-soft and flexible to the touch.”
- Domino

The Upkeep

Forget ugly rope snags and weird leather stains. Our leash’s smooth coating is easily cleaned with warm water and soap. Scratch and smell-resistant, it stays fresher than a poodle straight from the groomer’s

The Versatility

Your leash should fit every facet of your dog’s life. That’s why we designed ours to be effective at 3 different lengths, with up to 2 dogs. Clip it short for city streets or keep it long for backcountry jaunts – each hook point provides a totally different experience. Retractable leashes are unpredictable and only give you length options. We give you lifestyle options

Wild One Adjustable Dog Leash

“You form the handle loop by clipping the leash to itself, which allows you to quickly tie your dog to a pole or tree (a lifesaver at campgrounds), and you can adjust the length to 5.5 feet in open spaces or 3.25 feet if you need a shorter lead, like in a crowded area. Best of all, it’s comfortable on the skin even with your dog yanking at full force.”
- Outside Online

The Details

That cling-clanging when you attach a metal clasp to a metal ring? It’s more than just annoying, it can be super triggering for dogs with anxiety or seizure issues. All of our D-rings are carbon coated to create a quiet, chill experience for you and your pup. Not to mention, the leash pairs perfectly with our Collar and Poop Bag Carrier, so you and your dog always look your best. Check out the Walk Kit to order all three and save 20%.


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