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These Calming Dog Treats Bring the Doggie Day Spa to Your Pet

Has life been stressful for you lately? Chances are that your pooch is feeling that stress, too. Our pups are particularly keen on how we’re feeling and tend to react to it appropriately as they see fit. So how about treating yourself and your dog to a day at the spa?

In this article, we’re going to talk a little bit about pet stress and how to use some delicious treats to get them feeling relaxed and pampered!

How Dogs Feel Stress

Dogs feel the stress of their owners. That’s something that any dog owner can tell you with certainty. Many research-based studies have been done that confirm this. According to one study, a dog’s stress mirrors that of an owner’s stress nearly identically, but not the other way around. Simply put, when you’re stressed out, whether or not you mean to, your pooch is stressing for you, too.

This just goes to show the level of connection we have with our dogs and how much they care for us. If you’re not sure if your pup is stressed, check out some of the following signs of dog stress and compare them to your pup’s behaviors:

  • Your dog paces incessantly
  • They bark or whine for reasons unknown to you
  • Panting becomes present without physical activity
  • Bodily functions become hard to control
  • Their tail is tucked, and they seem avoidant

If your pup is showing any of these symptoms, it’s time to bring the spa to them, and a good pampering is in order!

A Doggie Spa Day Done Right!

When preparing your doggie spa day, there are a few things to consider! When we look to treat our pup to a full day of pampering, some supplies will need to be gathered to ensure the best day possible!


  • Regular old treats! Of course, a spa day will need to include treats!
  • Calming supplements or treats! We’ll get more into these later.
  • Grooming supplies are a must. You’ll need shampoo or conditioner, a brush, and some cleansing wipes at a minimum.
  • Toys, or maybe a favorite blanket if your pup likes to get cozy rather than play.

With these things gathered, you’re ready to get started with your pup!

Treats, Both Regular and Calming

An essential part of the pampering of any pup is a limitless supply of treats. We want them to feel special and rewarded when we’re trying to reduce their stress, and a tummy full of goodness can really help with that. 

Regular Treats

When giving them their regular treats, it’s important to select single-ingredient or minimal-ingredient treats that aren’t heavy on their stomachs. We want them to feel pampered, not bloated and upset. By choosing treats that are simple in ingredients and healthy, we make them feel good! Eating healthy is essential on a spa day, as they’ll be getting a lot of treats as the day goes on. 

Our top choice for treats that are easy on your pooch’s stomach are the Wild One organic baked treats. These treats are minimal-ingredient, meaning that they’re simple and easy for your dog to digest, especially since they have no filler ingredients. They’re also vegetarian-based, meaning you can give them plenty without risking stomach aches. They come in a variety of flavors to choose from that your dog is sure to love!

Calming Treats

Calming treats are made with natural ingredients that have been known to promote relaxation. Not always designated as being a treat, they’re sometimes designated as supplements, as they are to be used less frequently than regular treats. Most of these treats or supplements are to be used once per day, and no more. Many of these treats undergo certification and testing prior to market release.

Wild One makes a CALM supplement that is ideal for your pet’s spa day. After their first meal, give them the appropriate amount of the supplement (servings are based on weight, provided by the company) to help get their relaxation started. These chews are made from organic ingredients and help to soothe your pup throughout the day.


When it comes to spa days for humans, grooming is a large part of the equation, so why shouldn’t it be for your pup? Grooming can be made into a soothing experience for your dog in a number of ways.

Grab yourself a set of cleaning wipes to get your pooch’s coat nice and clean, and then give them a brush. Being cared for and the center of attention is good for your pup, and showing them that kind of affection can drastically reduce their stress levels. It’s a wonderful feeling for both you and them!

After giving them a good brush and initial cleaning, grab a shampoo made with soothing botanicals, like lavender or eucalyptus. These aromatics have been proven to soothe both humans and dogs! Wild One offers a fantastic grooming kit that provides both wipes and shampoo in a eucalyptus and peppermint scent that’ll have your dog relaxed in no time.

Toys and Relaxation

What’s better than having some gentle playtime with your pup? After you’ve groomed them and pampered them with treats, it’s time to get some of their energy out to get them nice and relaxed. Playtime helps pups get excited, making them happy and connected to their best friend!

Maybe playtime isn’t the kind of activity that your dog likes to partake in. Maybe they’re a lapdog, and they like to cuddle. If this is the case, grab their favorite blanket and cozy up, petting them and holding them to their heart’s content. This will make them feel loved and cared for!

The time you take to spend one-on-one time with your dog can make a world of difference in their stress levels.

Planning Out Your Spa Day

So you’ve gathered all your materials, and you’re ready to have your doggie spa day. Follow the instructions below to take care of your pooch’s stress relief needs.

  1. Start your morning with a walk! Get those early morning wiggles out.
  2. Give them a nice breakfast, paired with a calming treat to get them soothed for the rest of the day.
  3. Use some natural cleaning wipes to give their fur an initial cleaning.
  4. Brush out their coat, removing any excess debris. Keep it gentle and pamper them; give them plenty of treats during the process!
  5. Get them ready for a bath, and give that coat a deep clean using their botanical shampoo. This will be sure to alleviate some stress.
  6. Towel them off nice and gently, or blow-dry them, whichever they prefer.
  7. Time for a playdate! And maybe some more treats, of course.
  8. Relax with your pup, cuddled up in a favorite blanket, doing some calm activities. Keeping your stress low helps keep theirs in check as well.

Following these simple steps can help keep your and your furry friend’s stress levels in check. Spending time with your dog is essential and relieves the stress of both you and your pup!

Keeping Stress Levels Low Moving Forward

As stated before, your stress plays a large part in your pup’s stress. Taking care of your own stress levels is important for you and your dog. You might find that your dog is the best way of reducing your own stress!

Studies have shown that owning a dog reduces stress levels in people, as well as having a whole slew of other health benefits. Dogs ease loneliness, increase activity, and bring a loving feeling to people’s lives. Sometimes, when you’re stressed, and you’re finding your pet is stressed, it’s a good idea to take a step back from things and focus on them. This helps both you and them feel calm and centered..

Doggie Spa Days, the Perfect Stress Reliever

If you and your pup seem stressed, a doggie spa day may be the perfect way to bring some relaxation into both of your lives. A dog’s stress can be directly related to their owner’s stress, and the owner’s stress relief can be directly related to the time they spend with their dog. 

Taking the time to pamper your pup, and give them plenty of calming treats along the way, will not only make them feel loved and special but will also remind you of the love they have for you. After all, they’re only stressed because they’re worried about you. Treat your pup to a spa day today and melt your stress away!


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