What To Expect When You’re Expecting (a foster dog)

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (a foster dog)

Fosters are a network of dog-loving humans that provide temporary housing to pups while they wait for their forever homes. Without fosters, dogs may be left in crowded shelters leaving them at risk for euthanasia because of space constraints. Once rescued pups are in their foster homes, foster parents provide the much needed love, training, and structure to get these dogs ready for their forever homes.

Here are some things to know before bringing a foster into your home from our resident foster parents at Wild One.

Why Foster?

Number one, fostering saves lives. And, for animal lovers without a furry friend to call their own, fostering is a great way to get your feet wet.

Not sure you’re ready for the financial commitment of having a pet? Rescue organizations cover all necessary vet care and supplies you’ll need. Fosters are responsible for feeding and temporary housing.

Not sure you’re ready for the time commitment of having a pet? Fostering usually last 2-6 weeks. And, if you only want to dip your toe in the water, temporary fosters may take over for full-time fosters for a short weekend or week at a time.

Foster Tips

Always be sure your foster dog’s collar or harness is backed up with a carabiner or safety clip. These pups are coming into new environments and may get spooked easily. Most rescue organizations will provide training and the tools you need to keep your pup safe.

An ‘Adopt-Me’ vest may help your foster find their forever home! Whenever you take your foster pup out for a walk, make sure they turn heads with a vest or bandana that lets people know they’re available.

As a foster parent you’ll provide all the love and safety these pups need. You’ll also want to help be the most adopt-able versions of themselves. Brenda Aloff books have been a great resource! Here are a few commands your foster dog should get to know.

Name - For the obvious reasons!
Eye Contact - This teaches them that the humans are in charge
Sit - A classic!
Place - Place is great to teach dogs boundaries.
Crate - A crate is a safe haven for pups. Having them enter their crate on command is essential for safety. 

Favorite Things for New Foster Parents

Brenda Aloff Books
If you’re not a dog training expert, Brenda Aloff books are a great in-home resource for the best training tips to set you and your foster pup up for success.

Enzyme Cleanser
If your foster isn’t quite potty trained yet these cleansers kill the bacteria, not just the smell! This will keep them from wanting to go back to the same spot inside.

What We've Learned

Fostering is so rewarding. Not only do you get to save a life as a foster parent, you get to see a pup blossom over a short period of time. Seeing them go off to their forever home is definitely bitter-sweet, but it is all worth it in the end.

Fostering is a life-saver, literally. Providing a temporary home to a pup in need is a great way for dog lovers give back to their community. Learn more about the Badass Foster program here or find a rescue organization near you here.


Have more questions about fostering a dog? Shoot us an email at hello@wildone.com.

Want to learn more about the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue Foster Program? Contact them directly at foster@badassbk.com.