Truth to Treats

Truth to Treats

Launching treats was all about offering an alternative that was better for your dog, better for you, and in some small way, better for the world. Like everything we do, the inspiration came from our shared experiences with our own dogs. We looked at the treats out there, and it wasn’t cool. Opaque sourcing, weird ingredients, fillers and preservatives. We thought we could make something better, and we decided we wouldn’t compromise on a couple things.

  1. Treats should reflect the same expectations we have for our own food. That means clean, natural, and familiar.
  2. Transparency and traceability should apply to treats. The origin of ingredients matters, a lot.

Guided by those beliefs, we worked hard to develop cleaner, healthier treats, all while documenting our supply chain. From using cage-free chicken from a 4th generation family farm to partnering with ecologists in Kentucky to sustainably source Asian carp for our Fish Puffs, our goal was to bring transparency to treats. Away with the smoke and mirrors. Away with fillers and preservatives. No more dirty tricks. Just straightforward, healthy treats.

Read more about each of our treats and what sets them apart below —


Fish Puffs

Our fish puffs are made with one ingredient — sustainably caught Asian carp from American waterways. Since being introduced domestically in the 1970s, Asian carp has aggressively spread throughout the Mississippi River watershed, causing serious damage to native fish populations along the way. The species overpopulates and out-competes other fish for food and space. It filter-feeds on plankton near the water’s surface, so unlike common carp, it’s a clean, nutritious fish that’s also high in protein and omega-3s. Despite being one of the most widely consumed fish in Asia, stigma around its name has prevented it from finding similar acceptance in the US.

Fin Gourmet

We source our Asian carp from Fin Gourmet in Western Kentucky. Founded by two doctorate ecologists, Fin’s mission is two-fold.

  1. Provide economic opportunities and foster job creation as a second-chance employer whose staff is largely composed of people navigating life after incarceration, drug court, or domestic violence victimization.
  2. Revitalize the inland fishing industry, working with local fishermen to manage Asian carp populations so rivers, lakes, and estuaries are better protected.

In partnering with Finn Gourmet, Wild One is committed to building awareness around Asian carp’s threat to domestic ecosystems and promoting its viability as a sustainable food option for dogs and humans alike.


Chicken Tenders

Our chicken tender treats are made with one ingredient — cage-free chicken breasts from Springer Mountain Farms in Northeast Georgia. Springer Mountain Farms was the first poultry farm in the world to be certified by the American Humane Association (AHA), the oldest and most trusted advocate of animal welfare in the country. Chickens are raised inside comfortable houses with access to an unlimited supply of clean water and fresh feed along with plenty of fresh air and room to roam. The chickens are fed a non-GMO Project verified diet free of hormones, steroids, growth stimulants, antibiotics, animal by-products, and pesticides.


Sweet Potatoes

Last but not least, our sweet potato treats are made with one ingredient — non-GMO sweet potatoes from Nature’s Way Farms in North Carolina. Nature’s Way Farms is family-owned and produces sweet potatoes that are free of chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides. Sweet potato treats are hand-sliced and gently dehydrated. They promote digestive health with high levels of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

We’re proud to offer treats, and we’re grateful you’ve read this far! Thanks for being part of the Wild One story!

— Kate
Product Development Lead @ Wild One