Your Dog Stories Are The Sh*t

Your Dog Stories Are The Sh*t
We’re all for chaotic good. We asked our Pack to share their wild and messy stories with us about pet parenthood, and here are a few of our favorites!


Meet Rory (aka Roar, Sweet Little Baby and Wigglebutt)!

  1. Where are you from? Boston, MA

  2. What breed is your dog? Pembroke Corgi

  3. What's the story behind your photo? Rory can't walk by a pile of dirt or snow without rolling in it. This was a day where I was very lucky that it hadn't rained in a while.

  4. What do you love most about your dog? She's always up for anything! It doesn't matter if we're getting up to refill my water or if we're going for a 3 mile walk, she's going to be right by my side.

  5. Does your dog have any silly quirks? She cannot tell when another animal doesn't like her. Our neighbor has a cat, who absolutely hates Rory, but she they are best friend. Whenever Rory has the chance, she always says hi and happily licks her.

  6. Favorite Wild One product? The Harness. We have several! They are awesome! So durable, long lasting, and easy to clean. When you have a messy dog like Rory, your harness has to be easy to clean. 

  7. Favorite Wild One color? Spruce.

  8. What Wild One size does Rory wear? Medium.
  9. What's your Instagram? @rory_the_corgi_scib


Meet Daisy (aka day-day, crazy Daisy, or blueberry muffin)!

  1. Where are you from? Nashville, Tennessee

  2. What breed is your dog? Blue Weimaraner

  3. What's the story behind your photo? We're originally from North Carolina and every summer we take a trip back to visit Bald Head Island off the Carolina coast. It is Daisy's happy place—the beach there is super dog-friendly, so she gets to run wild and swim off-leash. These pictures were taken on our trip back in July. Daisy spent the morning playing in the waves and swimming in tidal pools, and once she tired herself out, took a nap and soaked up some sun in the sand.

  4. What do you love most about your dog? Like most dog owners, I could go on and on with this question, but to keep it simple: her loyalty, curious nature, and BIG personality. She's my little adventure buddy!

  5. Does your dog have any silly quirks? Oh yes...for one, Daisy LOVES belly rubs. She's always sleeping on her back and rolling over to assume the belly rub position...sometimes even when we're out on a walk! She also loves to sunbathe, so she's always searching for a patch of sunlight, or sitting on our balcony soaking up the rays. Lastly, Daisy loves to talk back. She's a sweetheart but has a sassy side—if she's unhappy about something or feeling left out, she'll let you know! 

  6. Favorite Wild One product? Daisy loves her Collar Walk Kit! She gets a tons of compliments on it and the material is great for our active lifestyle. It's easy to clean and water resistant. My other favorite product is the Treat Pouch. It makes my life so easy having a designated "Daisy bag" that I can throw my phone, keys, treats and poop bags into. Plus, it looks super cute! We never go on a walk without it.
  7. Favorite Wild One color? Blush and Moonstone

  8. What Wild One size does Daisy wear? Large

  9. What's your Instagram? @daisytheweim @alexahoffy


Meet Remi (aka Remi Lou)!

  1. Where are you from? Papillion, Nebraska 

  2. What breed is your dog? Golden Retriever 

  3. What's the story behind your photo? Remi is a dog who LOVES to be outside—she never wants to go in and loves finding any water, mud, or snow. 

  4. What do you love most about your dog? She's so cute and cuddly, even at 90lbs.

  5. Favorite Wild One product? The Harness Walk Kit—it’s cute and effective, with a decent price. 

  6. Favorite Wild One color? Blush!

  7. What Wild One size does Remi wear? Large.

  8. What's your Instagram? @paigenicoleperry