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Sleek, Sturdy Hardware
Zinc alloy buckle provides a sturdiness you can rely on.
Cushioned Comfort
Made from performance materials to provide supreme comfort and flexibility for any activity.
Adjustable Leash Lengths
Multiple snap hooks on the Leash allow short or long lengths, and quick tie-ups.
Safe & Secure
Durable quick-snap buckles on the back and neck (Seafoam, Blaze, Moss, and Orchid only) make it easy to get on and off, while ensuring security during walks.
Dirt, Odor & Water Resistant
Coated nylon strap keeps the Collar and Leash safe from water damage, smelly conditions, and wipes clean with mild soap and water.
3 Leash-Attachment Points
Two coated carbon steel d-rings on the back, and one on the chest for maximum versatility and control—ideal for walk training and pull resistance.


Does the Collar work well for puppies?

Our Collar is great for pups of all ages and sizes. We do recommend sizing up as puppies can outgrow their walk gear as they get older and grow into their adult body.

How should the Collar fit on my dog?

The Collar should be snug against your dog's neck, but with enough room to place two fingers between their neck and the Collar. This ensures they're safely inside while giving them room for movement and comfort

Should I use a Collar or a Harness for my dog?

Experts recommend Collars for everyday wear, however, a Harness is the safest option for going on walks and engaging in outdoor activities.

Is the Collar comfortable for dogs?

Yes! Our Collar was designed to be comfortable for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

How do you adjust the Leash to the shorter length?

To shorten the leash, unclip the handle/wrist loop clip at the wrist loop and attach it to the D-ring closest to your dog's Harness or Collar.

How do you attach the Poop Bag Carrier to the Leash?

We recommend attaching your Poop Bag Carrier to the D-ring at the Leash handle. You can slide the Poop Bag Carrier elastic through the ring and then loop the Poop Bad Carrier through the top of the elastic to create a simple knot.