Wild One Subscriptions

A subscription service that spoils you as much as you spoil your pup.

Subscribe to have your favorite pet essentials automatically delivered to your door, right when you need them. Plus, earn bonus perks like discounts, free shipping, and surprise gifts.

The Perks

💰 Save Money

Save 5% when you subscribe to 1 item, 8% on 2 item quantities, and 10% on 3 or more item quantities.

📦 Free Shipping

Get free shipping on orders $35+.

🎁 Free Gifts

Receive a special gift on every 6th subscription order.

✋ Cancel Anytime

No obligation – cancel your plan at any time. No call or email necessary.

✨ Customize To You

Set a schedule that works for you (and your pup!). Skip or adjust a shipment at the click of a button.

👀 Get Early Access

Our subscribers get first access to new products and promo sales before anyone else.

  • All

    Poop Bags

    original price was: $9 sale price is: $8+

    Extra thick, blush & eco-friendly


  • All

    Grooming Wipes

    original price was: $10 sale price is: $9+

    Soothing, plant-based, hypoallergenic


  • All

    Rinseless Shampoo

    original price was: $15 sale price is: $13+

    Bathtime in a bottle


  • Fresh Breath

    Organic Baked Treats

    original price was: $9 sale price is: $8+

    Simply clean and delicious treats


  • All

    Chicken Tenders

    original price was: $18 sale price is: $15+

    Cage-free & single ingredient


  • Moonstone / Standard

    4 Tennis Balls

    original price was: $10 sale price is: $9

    5 Colors Available

    4 non-abrasive, pet-safe felt balls

    Color picker
  • All

    MULTI Supplement

    original price was: $36 sale price is: $31+

    For mobility & joint support.


How Subscriptions Work

1. Subscribe to one or more of the products your pup can’t get enough of.

2. Change your products, frequency, and schedule to best fit your pet parenting routine.

3. Add one-off items directly onto your existing subscription order.

4. Reach out to help@wildone.com if you need any added support. Sit back and relax!

5. We’ll make sure the good stuff keeps coming your way.


I’m getting too many deliveries, how do I delay?

On your account under the Manage Your Subscription selection, select Set next date or edit frequency’— from here, you can either set your next order date by (1) selecting a new date on the calendar widget or (2) by changing delivery frequency on the dropdown beneath the calendar.

How can I add a one-off item to my subscription order?

To the right of the Manage Your Subscription section, you'll see several products below the header 'Try these with your next order!'— pick any item, its quantity, then select 'Add 1-time'.

If you like it, subscribe to it!

How much does subscription shipping cost?

Your shipping depends on the total amount of your order— if it's $35 or more, it's FREE! If it's less than $35, you would only have to pay $4.

NOTE: If you have BOTH subscription items and one-time items in your cart, you will not have to pay the shipping costs associated with the one-time item, only your subscription shipping costs.

How do I earn and redeem my 6th order free gift?

Sit back and relax! When you receive your 6th subscription delivery, your surprise gift will be in the box! We'll make it worth your while with new products or best-seller faves.

What’s a ‘half skip’ and a ‘gift on skip’?

If you need to skip your next order, you have options! Head over to your account, look under the Manage Your Subscription section for 'Skip,' and then select it— you will see 3 options:

1. Skip— this green default option will pass over your upcoming order entirely.
2. Half Skip— right next to this button is the option to receive your upcoming order earlier (in half the time you would normally receive it).
3. Gift on Skip— this is the 'Gift' option below the other two choices, which would allow you send your upcoming order to a friend or family member (or maybe even a stranger!).

Can I subscribe to any Kits?

At this time you cannot subscribe to Kits, but you can subscribe to any individual items from our Kits!

This is done so that we can reward you with discounts by item quantity.

Can I receive multiple subscription items at different cadences?

It's possible though not recommended— splitting up your item deliveries will impact the quantity discount and shipping minimum that you would benefit from if all of your items were being delivered at the same cadence.

With this in mind, if you would still like to split up the delivery cadence for your subscription items, please contact help@wildone.com.

Can I subscribe to Wild One products if I live outside of the United States?

Currently, we are only offering subscriptions to domestic U.S. residents.

However, we recommend that international customers purchase items in bulk in order to save.

What if I want to cancel?

Easy! On your account, look under the Manage Your Subscription section, and hit 'Cancel.'