Our treats are baked, and therefore have a cookie-like texture. We like to describe them as crunchy!

Each 8oz. bag of Wild One Baked Organic Treats comes with about 60 pieces.

The 2.5oz sample bags come with about 20 pieces.

Wild One treats have an 18-month shelf life. They can be stored with other shelf-stable food. The bag should be kept sealed to maintain optimal freshness.

Our Baked Organic Treats are vegan! However, they are not gluten free as each treat variety is made with a barley base.

Wild One Baked Organic Treats are intended to be fed to dogs as a treat, reward or snack and are not a meal replacement. The number of treats that a dog can consume per day varies depending on the dog, for specific guidelines on daily treat consumption, we recommend consulting your vet.