WO Tips: Working In A Dog Friendly Office

WO Tips: Working In A Dog Friendly Office

Dog friendly office spaces are on the rise in today’s working world, and for that we are thankful. Thankful that we get to spend more time with our best friends, and thankful we get to spend time with our co-workers best friends. It’s like therapy, but at work, and we think every workplace should have more dogs. So, if you are about to embark on a dog-friendly work adventure, here are Wild One’s best tips for co-working well with dogs.

We chatted with Lexi Beermann AKA the Hollywood Pet Mom who is a dog behaviorist and canine well-being expert, to give us her best insight into how to manage an office full of pups.

“As fun as it might be for your dogs to be at the office together - it’s important not to let the dogs take over. The humans always need to be the leaders, so interject yourself into the pack if playing gets out of hand. Always try & keep the dogs behaving respectfully in your work environment.

It’s natural for dogs to assess the pack dynamic in a new environment and you might notice some inappropriate behaviors such as marking, humping, protecting toys or food which are ways dogs try to establish hierarchy and status within the pack. It’s important to curb these behaviors quickly to let the dogs know the humans are in charge.”

Things to consider before bringing your dog into the office

You are your dog's best advocate, it’s important to know what environments they thrive in. It can be tempting to bring your dog everywhere you go, but it may not always be what’s best for them. So here are some thoughts to consider before toting them to the office.

- Is the office the best place for my dog to be?
- Does my dog enjoy being in the office environment?
- Is my dog stressed out by people and other dogs?
- Does my dog behave appropriately in the office environment?
- Is the office the best place for my dog to be?

    Signs of stress to look for in the office (and elsewhere)

    Dogs use body language to let us know how they’re feeling. Look out for these key signals your pup may show if he or she is feeling stressed in the office and elsewhere

    - Tail down or tucked between legs
    - Restlessness, not able to nap or get comfortable
    - Not able to eat or drink
    - Hyper alertness, pacing, rapid eye movements
    - Irregular bathroom habits

    When introducing new dogs in the office

    Like they say, you only get one shot to make a good first impression, and the same is true for dogs. Always take things slow when introducing new pups to one another. Here are a few proof-positive ways to intro successfully.

    - Take them on a walk around the block together
    - Don’t let them crowd each other’s space
    - Don’t let dogs rush the office door as a new dog in entering
    - Even the playing field, if one dog is on leash and the rest are off, or vice versa this may cause unnecessary stress

    Good commands for office dogs to know

    Whether your office dogs are free-roaming, or tethered to your desk there are some commands your pup should know to keep them comfortable, safe, and out of the way.

    - Place: a command to lay in their bed or designated spot
    - Come: to come when called
    - Leave it: to disengage from anything be it person, toy, or another dog

    Do’s and Don’ts

    Whether you’re bringing your dog into the office or just enjoying the companionship of others pups here are some good do’s and don’ts to abide by.


    - Ask before handing out treats, be aware of allergies and diets
    - Ask if you may approach co-workers dog, they may be nervous or resting
    - Let the dog sniff the back of your hand before petting


    - Don’t approach a sleeping dog, getting woken up sucks
    - Don’t reach over a dogs head to pet them, many pups are afraid of being pet this way
    - Don’t stare or make extended eye contact, this isn’t normal dog body language and can cause them stress

    Here at Wild One HQ there are anywhere from 3-8 pups in the office on any given day. They are the 4-legged inspiration behind the work we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re looking to convert your office to a pup-friendly workspace here is some more research into its benefits that will have your boss convinced.


    Have questions about co-working with dogs? Shoot us an email at hello@wildone.com.