WO Tips: For Leaving Your Dog at Home

WO Tips: For Leaving Your Dog at Home

You know that twinge of stress that hits your heart when you have to leave your dog for a trip? Us too. If you’re jetting off and can’t bring your pup along it can be stressful for both of you. It’s important to set your dog, and your dog-sitter up for success so you can enjoy your trip worry free.

For those travel times where you can’t bring your dog along, Wild One has all the things you should consider before leaving your dog with a sitter.

Sitting or Staying
Whether your pup is staying at your home with a sitter or staying at the sitters house it’s important that your dog is comfortable in that environment with this person.

Have your dog sitter spend time in your home with you and your dog before your trip. This will allow your pup to get comfortable with them in your home.

If your pup is staying over the sitters house while you’re gone, make sure they are comfortable in that space. Head over for a playdate to let them get used to their temporary home before jetting off.

Meal Time
Portion out your pups food by meal. This will make it super easy for your sitter to feed the right portion amount at every meal. This goes for any meds your pup may take, too! We love Stasher bags for portioning out food, they’re sealable, reusable, and cute.

Favorite Things
Help your pup feel at home while you’re gone by leaving (or bringing) their favorite toys, bed, or blanket. Make sure your sitter knows what your dogs favorite things are in case a bout of homesickness hits.

Safety First
You can never be too safe when walking your dog. Be sure that your sitter knows how to properly secure your pup before hitting the streets.

When walking in a new environment with a new person, dogs can get spooked and slip out of their walk-gear, or plain and simple, that walk-gear can fail. Back-up your collar and harness set-up with a carabiner or safety-clip for extra security and peace of mind.

If your pup wears a harness while out for a walk, attach the safety-clip or carabiner to their collar. If their harness malfunctions, the carabiner attached to their collar will act as a back-up.

If your pup wears a collar while out for a walk, attach the safety-clip or carabiner to a backup collar. If their walking collar malfunctions, the carabiner attached to the backup will keep them secure.

Emergency Contact
Share your veterinarians information with your sitter and always make sure your pups tags have up-to-date information.

We wish we could be with our dogs 24/7, 365 but sometimes we have to travel without them. Leave your pup set up for success while you’re gone with these tips to help keep them safe, happy, and wagging when you get back home.


Have more questions about leaving your dog when headed out on vacation? Shoot us an email at hello@wildone.com.