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Dog Walking Accessories: Must-Haves

Walking your dog down the block to the park or much farther? In either case, you need more than just a leash and a pair of shoes. In fact, you’ll enjoy your walk and be much more comfortable if you grab a few must-have accessories.

Not sure what exactly you need? Let us break down some of the best dog walking accessories for people and pets in this guide.

Dog Treats

First up, of course, are dog treats.

Even the most well-behaved dog could occasionally use a little distraction. Say that your pooch sees a squirrel and wants to tug on their leash. If they don't listen to a recall command, you can always tempt them with a treat.

Dog treats are great for distracting your dog and for rewarding them if you are teaching them good leash behavior. Puppies especially can use treats to reinforce positive actions and teach them not to tug on the leash too hard.

That said, not all treats are alike. You should only give your dog healthy, organic treats that will suit their digestive systems and not lead to side effects. Wild One offers plenty of organic dog treats perfect for your pup.

Organic dog treats are better than synthetic treats because they:

Our dog treats are plant-based and come in a fun variety pack. Each type of treat is made with just nine ingredients, with no artificial flavors or colors. Even better, these organic treats also don’t come with common allergens like soy and wheat.

Just grab a bag of treats and bring them with you on your walk. You may be surprised at just how well your dog behaves on their next stroll!

Treat Pouch

Even though dog treats can be a great thing to bring with you on your walk, they can get messy. You don’t want to carry a handful of dog treats while your palm sweats. You also probably don’t want to stuff them in your jeans pockets.

What if there was a convenient treat pouch you could bring with you on your walk? We have just the thing.

Our wearable treat pouch is made with 100% recycled knit and is made from 10 water bottles. It’s perfect for storing treats, poop bags, and anything else you may wish to bring with you on your walk. Plus, it comes with an adjustable strap so that it’s quick and convenient to access, no matter your height.

You can either bring a handful of treats or stuff the entire bag in a treat carrier depending on your preferences. It's the perfect way to bring plenty of treats or toys for your distractible pup on a walk. Not to mention, it prevents you from having to wear a full backpack.

Fanny Pack

On the other hand, maybe you prefer something with a little more retro style. In that case, you might consider bringing a fanny pack with you on your walk with your dog.

Sure, it might be a little old-school. But there’s no denying the practical handiness a fanny pack represents. Fanny packs are worn on your waist, but some can even be worn around your chest like a sling. Many different variations of fanny packs are large enough to carry treats, poop bags, and anything else.

Fanny packs come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and even aesthetic designs. Find the right fanny pack, and it could be the perfect complementary accessory for your outfit or jacket.

On top of that, some fanny packs come with extra pockets. Distinct pockets on the inside could let you carry your phone with treats without mixing the two inside.

Tags and Microchip

No beloved pup should go on a walk without identification. That means at least a tag on their collar and/or harness.

A tag can definitely be a fashion accessory. But more importantly, it’s also a means of identifying your dog if they get away from you. If your dog runs off to chase after a squirrel, someone may find them and know who to call because of their tag.

Some of the best dog tags include more than just your dog’s name. They also include your dog’s home address and your contact information. In this way, anyone who finds your dog can quickly reunite pet and parent. It beats having to put up posters that your dog is missing and waiting anxiously for a day or more.

Don’t like the standard dog tags you can find at the pet store? Why not choose a custom dog tag made by Wild One? Our sleek, custom dog tags pair perfectly with our harnesses and collars. You can customize one side of the dog tag for your pup’s name or your personal information.

By the same token, you might consider microchipping your pup. A microchip is implanted beneath the skin and sends out a trackable signal. You pay a subscription to a company to keep the microchip activated and tracked.

If your dog is ever lost, try to remain calm. It’s a simple matter of tracking the microchip to find your pup and bring them home safely.


Speaking of collars and harnesses, getting your dog a comfortable harness is a great idea. While it’s true that you can complete a walk with just a collar, it’s never the best choice.

Collars can be uncomfortable for your dog if you attach a leash directly to them. This is doubly true if your pup is energetic and young and tends to pull on the leash while on a walk.

A harness wraps around your dog’s torso and keeps them snug and secure during the walk. Instead of attaching your leash to the collar, you attach it to the back or front of their torso. This is a much more secure place, and it even gives you greater control over your dog.

Comfort and security: what’s not to like?

Just like you should get the best collar for your dog, you should also purchase a comfortable and flexible harness. Wild One’s soft, stretchy, and resilient harness is cushioned and lightweight. But it’s also very secure and easy to attach your leash to.

It’s easily adjustable around the neck and chest so it accommodates all sizes and breeds. Our harness also comes with three distinct attachment points. No matter how you like to walk your dog, this harness can work with you and your dog’s habits.

Gloves and Beanie/Cap

Most dogs need to be walked at least once or twice per day, regardless of size or breed. Yes, that includes during the winter months when it can be quite chilly outside! So when the time comes to take a brisk morning stroll, you’ll need to bundle up.

Therefore, you should get a pair of gloves and a beanie or cap. Gloves and a hat can keep you warm on your morning walk. They’ll also help you complete your normal walking route without trying to cut things short.

Even better, there are plenty of gloves out there that allow you to use mobile devices without exposing your fingers. Try to find a great pair of gloves and a beanie to give your dog the exercise and fresh air they need, even if it’s freezing outside.

What if the weather gets warmer during your walk? Then you can stuff those accessories in your fanny pack or your dog treat bag. Alternatively, you can bring a backpack along for extra storage capacity (more on that below).

Poop Container + Bags

One big reason to take your dog on a walk is to give them the opportunity to do their business. But no one likes a dog walker who doesn’t pick up after their pup.

Don’t be that person; be sure to bring plenty of poop bags with you. The best poop bags are at least somewhat recyclable or biodegradable. You may also find poop bags with handles so you can easily tie off the bag when needed.

Wild One’s poop bags are great examples of top-tier waste disposal tools. You can purchase six rolls of 10 bags or 60 bags total. Each bag is eco-friendly and made of a unique cornstarch blend. Despite these recycled materials, each bag is also thick, leakproof, and unscented.

No need to worry about having a mess on the way from your dog’s doo-doo site to the trash can.

It’s important to bring poop bags with you on your walk. But stuffing them in your pocket is less than ideal. You can make carrying poop bags easier and more stylish with a convenient poop bag carrier.

Instead of stuffing them in your tree carrier or fanny pack, try a dog poop bag holder. It attaches to your belt or your dog’s harness. It also features an elastic attachment that’s perfect for any standard leash or tote. On top of that, it comes with an easy twist top so you can quickly reload the carrier when needed.

As soon as you need a bag, simply pull and tear. This poop bag carrier and the bags are also available in a kit for convenient purchasing.

Regardless, having the right poop bags and/or bag holders will make doo-doo dispensing much easier and more convenient.

Dog Backpack

Your dog is the one who wants to go on a long walk. Why shouldn’t they help carry some of the load?

These days, you can find plenty of quality dog backpacks. These are great if you like to go on longer excursions with your canine companion. Dog backpacks are worn on the back or around the torso. They can carry things like treats, food, water bowls, and other accessories.

If you have your own gear to worry about on a morning hike, a dog backpack is the perfect solution. Although dogs are not as strong as us, they're fully capable of pulling their own weight. A dog backpack, though, should be tested to make sure it isn't uncomfortable for your pup.

Doggie Sweater

Sometimes, you need to take your dog outside, even if it’s freezing. While some dog breeds can get by with their natural coats, others may need a little assistance.

If that’s the case for your canine, consider a doggie sweater. Dog sweaters can be slipped over your dog’s head and worn around the torso. They usually have sleeves for their paws. Dog sweaters are great when taking your dog out for a cold morning or evening walk. They even come with tons of different designs and colors.

However, some dogs simply won't abide by a sweater no matter how cold it gets. Think about your dog's personality and preferences before buying them an expensive sweater. Your pup might simply be the type who'd rather be cold than secure in a snug sweater.

Not sure which type your pup is? You can always try a sweater when they are young and see if you can get them used to the idea. You’ll have better luck getting your dog to accept a sweater if you introduce them to one when they are still a puppy.

Doggie Boots

By the same token, you might consider warm doggie boots for your dog. Dog boots protect your dog’s paws from both excessively cold and hot surfaces. For example, it’ll stop their toes from freezing if they walk on ice. But it’ll also protect your dog’s feet from being burned by hot asphalt in the summer.

Just like sweaters, though, not all dogs will accept doggie boots. You’ll have better odds of getting your dog to accept boots if you get them to try them when they are still a puppy.

Some boots are made of rubber, while others are made of recyclable materials—the more durable the boots, the better. Try to find doggie boots that are adjustable, as well. This way, they won’t be too tight or too loose for your dog’s feet.

Collapsible Water Bowl and Clip

When you’re on a hike with your dog, keep in mind that they will get thirsty just like you will. While you can always grab a convenient water bottle, what about your pup?

If you don’t want to bring your kitchen’s bulky water bowl with you, there’s another option. Collapsible water bowls are great solutions that can be stuffed in a dog backpack. Or you can place them in your own backpack while on your hike. You can also try to find a collapsible water bowl with a clip. Such bowls can be attached to your belt or any other appropriate loop.

Regardless, collapsible water bowls can be filled with fresh water from your own bottle. When your dog is done taking a drink, simply collapse the bowl and stuff it back in your bag. In this way, your dog can get a refreshing drink without having to sip from your hands or share your water bottle.

Sling Backpack for You

If a Fanny pack or a dog treat bag don’t do the trick, consider a sling backpack. Sling backpacks are relatively slim and sleek. But they still have plenty of space for dog treats, a sweater, and other accessories.

Plus, they look very stylish and are great for taking on a long walk due to their lightweight. Sling backpacks come in a variety of colors, aesthetics, and sizes. One with an accessible strap will be better if you tend to adjust your backpack while on a walk.


Last but not least, consider bringing a dog whistle with you on your walk. Dog whistles emit a very high-pitched sound that our ears cannot detect. But dogs will certainly detect the whistle’s noise and be drawn to it.

Dog whistles are useful while on a walk if you need to get your pup’s attention or bring them back. Say that your dog lurches forward, and you lose your grip on the leash. You can blow on the dog whistle and arrest their attention, even if they are chasing a squirrel.

Just keep in mind the dog whistles may also draw the attention of other pups in the area.

Stroll With a Smile

With the right kit, dog walking can be a blast. Even better, dog walking can be much more convenient and less messy than normal. Since you can grab most of these accessories from Wild One, you don’t even have to worry about browsing multiple shops to get everything you need.

Be sure to check out our online store for even more pet parent supplies, tasty organic treats, and accessory kits. Our accessory kits are perfect for new pet parents who want to grab everything they need for their pups in a single purchase.


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