Meet Harley Viera-Newton!

Meet Harley Viera-Newton!

We sat down with print-lover, designer of HVN, and DJ, Harley Viera-Newton, to chat about our bespoke HVN x Wild One Collection and to learn more about the It-Girl behind the brand.


Wild One: What inspired you to start HVN?

Harley Viera-Newton: I started HVN because of my passion for classic dress silhouettes and conversational prints. I was having trouble finding garments on the market that had that special vintage sensibility, and I realized it was time to create my own. 


WO: Who is the HVN girl?

HVN: I think HVN customers throw on a dress in the morning and it often takes them through the day and into the evening. They like to express themselves with their outfits, and the prints and styles they choose are often a nod to their personality.


WO: Why HVN x Wild One?

HVN: I’m a massive animal lover (I am currently surrounded by cats!) so this collaboration was a dream come true. Animals have such strong personalities and I love that dog owners can pick a product from the collection that they think matches their BFF’s vibe.


WO: Which print from the collection is your favorite?

HVN: Tough call...but I do love the bows! Take a peek here.


 WO: What's your favorite pet-friendly place in LA?

HVN: Maru Coffee


WO: Who was the first celebrity to wear HVN? OR a celeb that recently wore HVN that you were so excited about

HVN: Selena Gomez and Margot Robbie were the first to wear the brand, and I could not believe it! Then when Rihanna wore HVN and posted it on Instagram, I died and went to heaven.


WO: What's your favorite dress silhouette to wear?

HVN: The Holland & the Laura dresses


WO: NYC or LA?

HVN: Both!


WO: Favorite vacation spot?

HVN: Greece


WO: Black or pink?

HVN: Pink!


WO: What's one color that you love to wear?

HVN: Green


WO: What’s your dream dog?

HVN: Some sort of schnauzer or terrier mix…I’m on the lookout…


Shop the Wild One x HVN Collection here!

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