Parade with PRIDE!

Parade with PRIDE!

Pride parades are vibrant, heartwarming, and inclusive spaces that bring people together to celebrate the notion that love knows no boundaries. And since compassion and empathy are core to Pride celebrations and responsible pet ownership alike, most Pride parades are dog-friendly—so you don’t have to leave your pup out of Pride festivities!

But before you embark on the good times parading with your pup, be sure to read our tips to ensure they enjoy the experience as much as you.


Tips For Parading With Your Pup

1. Ensure your dog likes crowds before heading out, and if they seem nervous, cut the festivities short!

2. Keep your dog on a leash and use a well-fitted harness so they’re secure and can't slip away from you.

3. Make sure you pack extra water and treats.

4. Give your dog breaks in the shade. If it’s a really hot day, it might be best to leave them at home.

5. Most importantly: Dress the part and don’t be afraid to be BOLD!


      Find Your Local Dog-Friendly Pride Parade 

      New York City:

      NYC Pride March (6/23): The first March was held in 1970 and has since become an annual civil rights demonstration. Learn more about the NYC Pride March!

      Paws for Pride (6/10): A colorful afternoon of amazing performances, fabulous activities, and marvelous treats! Humans and canines alike will enjoy a live program of cabaret entertainment and activities that range from pet tarot readings to rainbow paw-pedicures. Attire is encouraged that captures you and your furry friend’s true colors and commemorates Pride. Learn more about Paws for Pride!

        Los Angeles:

        LA Pride Parade (6/11): The annual LGBTQ Pride celebration in Los Angeles, and one of the largest Pride events in the world! Learn more about the LA Pride Parade!


          Chicago Pride Fest® (6/17 and 6/18): A legendary street festival with live music by headline artists and local favorites, 3 stages, food and drink, 150+ arts/crafts vendors, DJs and dancing, drag shows, pet parade, sponsored presence, games, giveaways and more.

          Chicago Pride Parade (6/25): The 52nd annual Chicago Pride Parade. Learn more about the Chicago Pride Parade!


            Dallas Pride Parade (6/4): Celebrating the 40 fabulous years. Learn more about the Dallas Pride Parade!


              PrideFest Capitol Hill (6/24): Three stages, 2 beverage gardens, over a hundred vendors—including your favorite Broadway businesses—and free fun for all ages! Learn more about PrideFest Capitol Hill!

              Seattle Pride Parade (6/25): A dazzling display of LGBTQIA+ Brilliance at the 49th annual Pride Parade. Learn more about the Seattle Pride Parade!

                San Francisco:

                San Francisco Pride Parade (6/25): At the forefront of the LGBTQ equal rights movement since 1970, every Pride Celebration and Pride Parade offers a historic moment in our journey to full equality. Learn more about the San Francisco Pride Parade!



                  Sweet Paws Rescue (6/4): A Pride Party at Riverwalk Brewing. Learn more about Sweet Paws Rescue!

                  Boston Pride For The People (6/10): The celebration will include a parade, a festival, and more as this new organization creates a unified city Pride celebration. Learn more about Boston Pride For The People!


                    Austin Pride Parade Walk (8/12): With over 400,000 attending in 2022, this year will be even BIGGER! You have come to expect amazing entertainment from Austin PRIDE and this year will be no exception. Learn more about the Austin Pride Parade Walk!

                      Washington D.C:

                      Capitol Pride Parade (6/10): This beloved tradition honors our history and acknowledges the evolution of the LGBTQ+ neighborhoods in Washington, DC, while respecting the origins and importance of taking to the streets in our fight for equality. Be prepared to experience one of the largest Pride Parades to ever take place in the Nation’s Capital. Learn more about the Capitol Pride Parade!


                        Love, Light, and Liberation March (6/4): A vehicle-free community march, open to anyone. Learn more about the Love, Light, and Liberation March!

                        Philly Pride Festival (6/4): Featuring a Food Truck Market, live performances by Philly area performers and tributes to LGBTQ+ community pioneers, and so much more. Learn more about the Philly Pride Festival!