Meet JJ, Stella & Margie

Meet JJ, Stella & Margie

In honor of National Pet Day, we captured the stories of dog parents and their rescue pups from our community—including JJ and her two Boston Terriers, Stella & Margie, from Wonder Dog Rescue!

Wild One: What’s your favorite thing about your dogs?

JJ: They both came from rough situations (backyard breeding) and when we got them, they were scared of everything, timid, and broken. Now, they’re both confident, bold, and seizing life. They both had a great second chance at life, and my favorite thing about them is that they took it fully.

Margie is wearing the Collar in Butter (shop now) and is playing with the Twist Toss in Spruce (shop now).


WO: Favorite Wild One product?

JJ: The Everyday Carrier and Travel Carrier. They go everywhere with us, so whether we’re in the city or on a flight, we’re using them.


WO: Favorite Wild One color?

JJ: Margie wears Blush and Stella wears Spruce, but after seeing them in Lilac, I think that might be the new favorite!


WO: Do they have any silly quirks?

JJ: Stella loves to hold hands. If we’re sitting on the couch, she’ll put her paw gently on top of yours and rest it there. If you move your hand, she’ll keep coming back—and it’s not a “come pet me” way, it’s more of a “I want to hold your hand” and it’s the sweetest thing ever.


WO: If they could have a human hobby, what would it be?

JJ: Stella would run a no-nonsense book club, where she would yell at Margie for not reading the books. Margie is quite athletic, so I could see her as the captain of a women’s soccer or rugby team.

Stella is wearing the Collar in Lilac (shop now) and Margie is wearing the Collar in Butter (shop now).
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