Personal Style and Pet Parenthood with Primary Color Enthusiast, Kailey Laise

Personal Style and Pet Parenthood with Primary Color Enthusiast, Kailey Laise

When it comes to daily self-expression through color and fashion, Kailey Laise (aka @kaileylaise) stands out. We caught up with this primary color enthusiast and proud Dog Mom to Luna, discussing everything from personal style to the joys of pet parenthood.


Wild One: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Kailey Laise: Hi! I’m Kailey, a self-proclaimed primary color enthusiast working in the fashion industry in NYC and dog mom to my sweet girl Luna!


WO: How did you and Luna meet?

KL: I first met Luna in 2021 when she was 10 months old and I was 24! I actually found her on the internet (same way I found my boyfriend, ironically), immediately fell in love with her single photo, and then adopted her from a local shelter.



WO: When did your love affair with primary colors begin?

KL: By 2020, I was fully committed to the primary color lifestyle! It was a gradual adoption process over the course of my college years in NYC and discovering my personal style while studying fashion. I slowly began adding pops of color to my outfits until I found a color scheme that spoke to me and went all in.


WO: If you had to describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?

KL: Colorful, maximalist, and sporty!


WO: What role do you think fashion plays in self-expression? Do you think your personal style reflects your personality?

KL: Fashion is such an important way to express yourself. Primary colors give me so much confidence and are a way to express my personality outwardly, especially since I consider myself an introvert!


WO: Do you find that Luna’s outfit is another way to express your personal style and her personality?

KL: Luna's outfits are definitely an extension of my own style. She also only wears primary colors, so we inevitably match—usually her Moonstone Collar and Leash is paired with either a red fleece, blue sweater, Strawberry Harness, or yellow coat depending on the weather (and my outfit!). I like to think that Luna and I have pretty similar personalities and her outfits reflect that as well. She's a shy and dainty little girl but can be feisty and playful too!



WO: Have you ever experimented with a completely different style than your usual red, yellow, and blue looks? If so, how did it feel?

KL: Honestly everything I own—from my wardrobe to my entire apartment—is primary colors at this point. I’m committed for life now! It’s become an integral part of my identity that wearing anything other than my color scheme just wouldn’t feel like me.

WO: What gravitated you towards Wild One products for Luna in the past?

KL: I fell in love with the variety of bright fun colors and monochromatic sets! They’re so fun to style and pair with any outfit.


WO: All-time favorite Wild One product?

KL: Strawberry Harness is our fave 🍓❤️


WO: If you had to describe Luna in one word, what would it be?

KL: Shadow! She follows me literally everywhere.

WO: What’s your favorite activity to do with Luna?

KL: Travel! Luna actually has a European Pet Passport, so she’s traveled with us to Lisbon, Paris, and Amsterdam so far (among numerous cities in the US).


WO: Does Luna have any silly quirks or secret talents?

KL: Luna’s a quiet girl and never barks unprovoked but she’s learned 5 different ways of communicating with us. When we first adopted her, she didn’t make any noises whatsoever, so we basically had to bark in her face to teach her! Now she can speak, whisper, howl, grunt, and say uh-oh (but only on command).


WO: What’s your favorite thing about Luna?

KL: How cuddly she is! She sleeps in the space right between our pillows (curled up with her head on the corner) every single night—other than when she falls asleep as the little spoon in my arms. She’s the laziest girl in the mornings too and could stay in bed all day to cuddle if we let her.


WO: Where can people find you online?

KL: You can find me (and Luna!) on IG @kaileylaise