These 4 Dog Bandanas Are a Must Have For Your Pup

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Bandanas have been around for a long time and have served numerous purposes throughout their history. Based on the kerchief that goes back to ancient times, bandanas are a modern accessory that can serve a functional use, or a fashionable one, depending on who’s wearing it. 

More recently, bandanas have become one of the hottest fashion accessories for dogs, as well! They look great tied around the neck of your pooch and can serve a functional or fashionable purpose, just like with people.

Today we’re looking at bandanas that we love for our four-legged friends.

A Brief History of the Bandana

Before we get started on the best bandanas for your pup, first, we need to talk about the history of the bandana. In ancient times, clothing articles similar to bandanas called kerchiefs were in use and were often depicted on Greek pottery.

While bandanas are made from cotton and other linens, kerchiefs were made from silks and were often intricately embroidered. To put it simply, bandanas were the working-class equivalent of the kerchief for a long time.

As time has gone on, bandanas have continued to serve their functional purpose of keeping hair out of the wearer’s face, but they adopted further functional uses, as well. Sailors, seafarers, and farmers would keep bandanas on their person so that they could clean up in a quick manner or could use it to make quick knots to hold things together while working on them.

In more recent years, bandanas have been adopted culturally for a variety of reasons that relate to representation or fashion more than they do function. Groups of individuals will wear bandanas of the same color to distinguish themselves from others in a community. 

Protestors will wear bandanas over their faces to keep identities hidden and to fit the role they fill; companies will print designs on bandanas to advertise, and political candidates will print slogans on them. Bandanas are everywhere.

Bandanas in Fashion Culture

As people have moved away from physical labor overtime, bandanas have now adopted a more fashionable purpose. Both men and women wear bandanas in various ways, showing the absolute versatility associated with the small piece of cloth we’ve come to love.

They can be worn around the forehead, the neck, the upper arm, and even the wrist. Bandanas are the do-it-all accessory, so it only makes sense to extend this fashion to our four-legged friends.

Dog Bandanas: the Ultimate Fashion Accessory

There are pictures of dogs wearing bandanas all over the internet, and to nobody’s surprise, each and every one of them is adorable. A bandana can really enhance a dog’s fashion and tell the world what kind of personality they’ve got. The traditional bandana around the neck of your pooch tells people that they’re sporty, but by changing that bandana’s design, you can say just about anything you want.

In addition to being fashionable, these can be functional for your pup, as well, and when worn around the neck in an open style, can help prevent any gunk or slobber from getting into your pup’s coat. This is especially useful when you’ve got a dog that loves to be outside, hiking, or just generally running around for fun.

Two Ways To Wear a Doggie Bandana

When tying your bandana around your pup’s neck, there are two primary ways of actually wearing the bandana. You can opt for the classic look, with a single fold in half and a knot, leaving the bandana open like a triangle. This allows for coverage either in the front or the back of your pup’s neck, depending on which way the bandana is oriented.

Additionally, you can either fold or twist the bandana repeatedly, almost making it take the shape of a standard collar. This allows the fabric to stay out of the way while still making a statement for your four-legged friend.

Tying the Knot

When tying the bandana, it’s important to remember two things about fit and comfort.

  1. Don’t tie the bandana too tightly around your dog’s neck. Follow the same guidelines you would when fitting a collar, allowing at least two fingers to fit comfortably between the fabric and your dog.
  2. Don’t tie the knot itself too tightly. If you tie the knot too tightly, there’s a chance that it can’t be untied, meaning it may need to be cut off.

A good way to avoid both of the scenarios above is by tying the bandana ahead of time, keeping it loose enough to fit over your dog’s head and around their neck. That means that there’s a higher chance of it falling off.

If it’s purely for fashion, that should be fine. Just remember to take it off before any big activities. If the bandana serves a purpose, it being too loose may end up being a problem.

4 Dog Bandanas That We Love, and What They Say About Your Dog

When we looked for dog bandanas, we tried to find a few that said different things about our pups. Here are our four favorites.

The Wild One Butter Bandana

We love this cute bandana for the clever design it brings to the table. A limited-edition offering from Wild One, the Butter bandana is cute and stylish. The bandana itself is hand-printed and made from 100% cotton. For your pup that likes to snack, the Butter bandana is a great option.

The Wild One Vote Bandana

If you’ve got a strong belief that everyone is entitled to a fair democratic system, and your dog is always there to “bark” you up, then this is the bandana for you. Wild One paired with the organization When We All Vote, founded by Michelle Obama, to make this hip bandana available for you and your pup. When you purchase the limited edition Vote bandana, 20% of the purchase will be donated to When We All Vote.

The Wild One Lilac Bandana

Another offering from Wild One, the Lilac bandana, is the fashion accessory that your dog needs to show off their style. The Lilac bandana, like the other bandanas from Wild One, is made out of 100% cotton and is hand-printed. The design on the Lilac is modern and sleek and is a beautiful addition to your four-legged friend’s wardrobe.

Traditional Paisley Bandanas

There’s nothing wrong with a classic! Go out to your local pet store and pick up a beautiful bandana in a paisley pattern, and put it around your pup’s neck. Feeling crafty? Head to your local craft store and pick up a gorgeous paisley fabric.

Look for bandanas that are made from 100% cotton, as they stay soft and they’re the most comfortable option for your pup.

Walk in Style

The bandana has been around for centuries and has always been a key part of functional fashion. Throughout history, it’s been used to keep hair out of the way and to keep things clean. Now, it can be a beautiful fashion statement for your four-legged friend to wear.

Check out the bandanas offered by Wild One to find a nice classic bandana for your pup today!


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