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Using A Dog Bath Tub To Give Your Stressed Dog a Bath

Using a Dog Bath Tub Can Help Reduce Stress When Giving Your Dog a Bath

Your dog either loves a bath or hates it: there’s no in-between. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know the challenges, no matter the size of your pup, in giving them a bath. If they’re too big, the bathtub is hardly an appropriate place for a bath. The same thing goes for any smaller breeds, as well, who could fill the tub with ten of their littermates and still have room.

While using a regular bathtub may be convenient, it’s not the most efficient or relaxing way to bathe your best friend. We’re taking a look at all of the benefits associated with dedicated doggie tubs and how to give them the most relaxing bathing experience we can!

Why Not a Normal Tub?

Let’s face it, none of us like using the bathtub or our shower for washing our pets. Their fur clogs the drain, and most of the time, it’s just an awkward event that results in slipping and sliding and shampoo all over our clothes.

If it sounds like a chore for us, don’t you think that it affects our animals in a similar way? Well, if you think that, you’d be right. The regular bathtub just isn’t a fit, for some, if not all, of the following reasons:

  • Size - Most of the time, the bathtub we enjoy soaking in is just too big for our companions. In other times, but rarely, the bathtub can be too small when you’re working with larger breeds. Furthermore, a large tub means water cools faster, meaning a colder pup.
  • Strain - This applies to both sides of the equation; the person and the pup involved. With a normal bathtub, dogs have to be lifted into the tub or jump in, which creates opportunities for injury for both parties. Not to mention, when you’re washing your pooch in the bathroom in a normal tub, you’re most likely on your knees, which is uncomfortable, too!
  • Surface - Most bathtubs don’t have a textured bottom, creating a slippery environment for our pooches and adding to the discomfort they can experience. If they feel unstable, it’s likely that they’ll feel unhappy.

Why a Dog Bathtub?

Nearly all of the benefits of choosing a dog bathtub over a regular bathtub are counterpoints to the cons of a normal bathtub, which isn’t surprising. Choosing a dog bathtub for the following reasons is one way to make bathing and grooming an enjoyable experience for you, but more importantly, for your best friend:

  • Size - There’s no shame in choosing this as our first reason! It’s the biggest benefit to purchasing a doggie bathtub and making their bathing a relaxing experience. There are a number of different-sized tubs on the markets built to accommodate dogs of all sizes. So you’re able to choose a tub that is the best fit for your pup, making bathing a comfortable and warm experience.
  • Versatility - A wonderful thing about dog bathtubs is their portable nature. Most of them are not permanent fixtures and can be moved to an area that works best for you. Additionally, if you have a smaller breed of dog, you’re able to purchase an elevated tub, meaning no uncomfortable kneeling! If you’re comfortable, they’re comfortable, too.
  • Cleanliness - Dog bathtubs eliminate the most annoying part of the process: the clean-up.  The usual mess you’d have in your tub is contained, making cleanup easy! If bathing is made enjoyable, don’t you think you and your pooch will do it more often?
  • Stress - Bathing for us people is a stress-relieving event. It feels nice, we get time to relax, and afterward, we smell good! By making bathing our dogs easier, we can create this kind of atmosphere for them.

Treating Your Dog to a Spa Day

After you’ve taken the plunge and moved to a dedicated dog bathtub, treat your pooch to the pampering they deserve! Gather all the supplies listed below, and check out the guide on how to make their spa day one to remember and turn baths into a positive experience!

Spa Day Checklist

  • Treats - Give these special, “high value” treats that are nutritious and packed with flavor!
  • Toy - Choose a single toy that doesn’t promote a lot of activity, like a chew toy, which will help keep them occupied as they bathe.
  • Brush - For brushing out any tangles prior to bathing and brushing after.
  • Conditioning Shampoo - Choose a shampoo that’s hypoallergenic and paraben-free, as it’s better for your pup.
  • Towel - The fluffier, the better; for an extra special treat, keep it warm!
  • Blow Dryer - To get that fresh blowout look!
  • Nail Clippers - It isn’t a spa day without a pedicure! Massage those pads and clip those nails!

Take Your Time

For your furry friend’s spa day, patience is key, especially if you’re introducing them to their new tub for the first time. Really take the time to pamper them and introduce them to the tub appropriately. They may be nervous since it’s their first time with something new! Speak to them with a reassuring voice, and spend time with them as they get used to the new tub.

Tasty Morsels

Treats are there for distractions if they’re nervous, and a “high value” treat is important because it’ll be the only thing they focus on. You want them to make a positive association with the tub, and a nice tasty treat is the first step to do that. Think of it like the glass of wine you get at the beginning of your spa day!

Spa Day Activities

A chew toy is suggested because it’s excellent for low-energy gnawing. Something that your fluffy pal associates with a relaxing activity is perfect for their spa day. The goal is relaxation, after all, isn’t it? Only bring a low-energy toy to a spa day; you don’t want them getting too wild in the tub! Even if they do, though, one of the nice parts about a dedicated dog tub is its built-in splash guards.

Massaging Your Pup

Grab your brush and brush their coat out while they’re relaxing under the warm water. Be gentle, and treat it like a massage. In fact, while you’re brushing them out, go ahead and massage them gently! This is a nice segue into shampooing, and you can bet that it feels good for them, too.

A Nice Coat Treatment

The golden rule is to treat your pup like family, and shampooing shouldn’t be any different. Choose something hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and natural. The Wild One Conditioning Shampoo is all these things, giving your pup a soft coat with a beautiful shine to be the envy of all their doggie playdates. Shampoo them from ears to tail, massaging all the way, making sure to take care not to get any in their eyes or ears.

The Best Part

Whether your dog likes the towel or the blow dryer better, getting out of the tub, getting a good shake in, and then being dried off is usually enjoyed by dogs: it’s just like cuddles! A nice fluffy towel is fun to roll on and be covered in, while a blow dryer gives the experience of hanging their head out of the window without the danger.

Pedicures Are Heavenly

Bring the treats or the toy back out and sit with your pup, cooing to them over how beautiful their spa day has made them, and proceed to give them a well-deserved pedi. Nail clipping can be a little stressful for some, but again, if we can make their tub into a much-loved spa day, we can do the same with nail clipping through the power of little treats and a chew toy.

Making Grooming Enjoyable

As people, we tend to enjoy grooming, especially when it’s being done on a spa day. We like to be pampered and waited on and enjoy a nice long relaxing day. It’s something that we look forward to, and it’s something that we are willing to go out of our way for.

By choosing to buy a dedicated dog bathtub, you can do the same for your dog as often as they need one! Ultimately, the goal you’re looking to achieve with a dedicated bathtub is comfort and relaxation for both you and your pup. By making bathing enjoyable, for you and your furry friend, you can create a greater bond than you’d be able to by just using a normal bathtub and trying to rush through it to avoid discomfort.

Give your pup a spa day, and help them stay relaxed for days after, just by making one simple change!


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