Funny Dog Names: 16 Most Popular

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As far as dog names go, we all love the Rex’s, Spot’s, and Spike’s of the world: they’re classics for a reason. However, sometimes we want to go with something a little more unique and different. Our dogs are often natural comedians, so sometimes, we want to honor their silly and goofy personalities with a name to match. 

Why not choose a funny name to call your pup? If you’re looking for something a little different from the ordinary, check out these 16 funny dog names that you can give to your next best friend!

What’s in a Name?

Shakespeare wanted to know this, and so do we! In fact, the BBC reported in May 2021 that our names might have more influence over us than we think. Our names could relate to how we see ourselves and how other people see us in a first impression. 

How Should I Name My Dog?

Most people prefer to give their dog a name before they’ve met it. Some rescues come with names attached to them already, and that’s what they’ll answer to. Regardless, a little bit of creativity can be had when naming a pooch. It will, as we’ve already said, affect them for the rest of their life, of course.

Spend Time With Your Pup Before Naming It

If you want to find a great, goofy name for your dog, consider spending some time with them before deciding on a name. Maybe they have a really funny way of drooling. Maybe they have fun playing a game that makes them act like a maniac. Spending time with your new best friend is an excellent way to pick a name for your dog.

What Do They Remind You Of?

Does your dog remind you of a funny character? Maybe they look just like someone that you think is a real goofball. If so, you might have a name for them faster than you think.

The Wild Card Name

Small dogs with dainty names are a hoot. Meeting a Saint Bernard named Tinkerbell is sure to get a laugh, just like meeting a Chihuahua named Titan is funny. Sometimes, going the absurdist route is the best way to find a name that produces a chuckle every time someone hears it.

Dog Naming Rules to Remember

When you’re naming your dog, there are some guidelines that you might want to keep in mind going forward to create the best name for your four-legged friend. 

Consider these helpful tips when you’re trying to come up with a humorous name for them:

  • Keep it simple. A long name will confuse your new pooch. One that’s hard to say will ultimately wear on you. Sure, your dog’s name can be shortened for something else, but overall, the simpler the name, the better. A couple of syllables that roll off of the tongue are great.
  • Be willing to repeat it. You’re going to have to say your pooch’s name for the rest of its life. While something inappropriate may be hilarious at the moment, it won’t be something you can say in public. Similarly, you have to hear yourself say it over and over again. Pick something you don’t mind hearing on repeat as you shout across the dog park.
  • Pick a unique name. This will help your dog stand out. Dogs have all sorts of interesting names these days. Food names have become quite popular as well as people names: think Noodles or Lana. 
  • The way the name sounds matters. This one is more for your dog’s sake than your own. If your pup’s name is “Chip,” that sounds an awful lot like “sit.” This could become a confusing ordeal for your pooch. Make it easy on them, not just you.
  • Now that you’ve gotten the rundown on the best practices for naming your canine companion, here are some great suggestions for funny dog names.

    Funny Dog Names For Small Dogs

    If you’ve got a tiny pup, like a Chihuahua or a Yorkie, you might want to give them a name that makes them seem big and tough. That’s one heck of a way to get a good laugh. Maybe you’ll want one that fits them but is a little goofier than others.

    Here are some funny dog names that are perfect for tiny pooches:

    1. Rambo

    When you think of the name Rambo, you immediately think of a big tough action hero. Can you imagine meeting a tiny dog with that name? What a riot!

    2. Chunk

    Little dogs do love their snacks, and what’s not to love about that?

    3. Hulk

    If you tell someone you’ve got a dog named Hulk, they are probably going to be expecting a dog that’s huge. You can tell them it’s all about your pup’s personality.

    4. Marshmallow

    Tiny pups are often fluffy and cute, just like a marshmallow. Bonus points if your pup has a white coat.

    5. Arnie

    Named after the most well-known bodybuilder in the world. It’s totally acceptable; your pup outshines others in their weight class.

    Funny Dog Names For Big Dogs

    If you’ve got a huge dog, you may want to give them a name that treats them the way that they act, rather than how they look. We all know that most big pups are just softies, after all. If you’ve got a big dog, consider giving them one of these goofy names.

    1. Tiny

    It’s one of the longest-running Looney Tunes jokes there is; the bigger guy is always named Tiny. This is a funny name classic

    2. Chickpea

    Chickpea is not only funny for a large dog; it is downright adorable. Naming a big dog something cute like chickpea will keep you chuckling.

    3. Smalls

    This one draws inspiration from the absurdity of it, as well as a great movie, The Sandlot. You’re killing me, Smalls!

    4. Jabba

    If you’ve got a big dog, then there’s a big movie character to name your pup after. Jabba instantly brings forth memories of the big guy from Star Wars.

    5. Sasquatch

    This one might be pushing the dog-naming rules with its complicated sounds, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great name. If you’ve got yourself a dog the size of bigfoot, Sasquatch is a great name. A great nickname for Sasquatch is “Sassy.” We all know a dog or two who are very, very sassy. 

    Funny Dog Names That Are Just Puns

    Puns are an endless form of entertainment. A little bit of wordplay always gets a smile and a laugh, so why not apply it to our pooches, too?

    Check out these absolutely punny pet names for your pooch:

    1. Dogzilla

    This could’ve fit into either of the categories before, too! Dogzilla is a fantastically funny name for your furry friend. Oh no, there goes Dogzilla!

    2. Lil Bow Wow

    While Bow Wow dropped the “Lil” part of his name, it doesn’t mean that you have to. If you have a little pooch, Lil Bow Wow is a comical name for them.

    3. Mary Puppins

    A spoonful of pupper makes the day a little bit easier. If your little lady needs a fun name, Mary Puppins isn’t a bad choice. You can always call her Mary, for short.

    4. Bark Ruffalo

    This name is two puns for the price of one. If any of your friends who are Marvel fans hear this name, they’re likely to use it themselves. Don’t let that get you hulking mad, though!

    5. Snoop Dog

    Another rapper, another great dog name. Plus, it means you can call your new best friend Snoopy, too. Who doesn’t love the Peanuts Gallery, after all?

    What’s the Funniest Dog Name?

    Sometimes, the obvious choice is the funniest one. In this case, naming your dog “Dog” has to be the funniest option available. It’s uninspired. It’s been done before on the TV series Columbo. It’s just plain funny. What’s best about it? Your pup will definitely respond to it.

    Naming a Dog is an Art

    If you’re worried that you’re struggling with naming your pup, just remember that coming up with the perfect name is an art. The only thing that truly matters is that you choose something that you like and that you treat your furry friend with all of the love that they deserve. If you can do that, and give them some delicious treats from time to time, then you’re going to be a great dog owner, regardless of the name that you decide on.


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