Gifts for Dog Lovers: These Are the Biggest Winners

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Some people just love dogs. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog. It doesn’t matter what trouble the dog gets into. It definitely doesn’t matter if it’s their dog or not. Dog lovers are a different breed, and they will go to great lengths to continue to give dogs their affection, as well as tell people that they love pups as much as they do. We should know; we’re dog lovers, after all.

If you’ve got friends who are dog lovers, then we’re here to make gift giving easy.

These are all the best gifts to get dog lovers this year:

Clothes and Accessories

Giving gifts is one of the most rewarding actions we can do for each other. It lets our loved ones know how much we appreciate them and that we were thinking of them when we saw this one perfect present. 

It’s no secret that dog owners think of their four-legged friends as members of their family. So, dog-themed gifts are always a great idea. 

Customized Dog Apparel

Customized dog apparel is not only useful, it is adorable and thoughtful: the ultimate triple threat. Check out a variety of sites like Etsy for the perfect custom pick. If you have a high-resolution and borderline iconic photo of your friend’s dog, get the picture plastered all over socks, mugs, and even a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Your friend will love this sentimental gift, and you get the opportunity to watch their face light up as they realize that the cute dog on their new baseball hat is actually the dog sitting right at their feet.

Matching Accessories

A great gift for dog lover’s with dogs is a set of matching accessories. Wearing two of the same bandanas is adorable, and it sets them apart from others in the park. Dog lovers love matching their pups, so keep accessories in the back of your mind when searching for gifts.

Another great way to match is with jewelry. Get your friend’s dog a custom identification tag with a sentiment on it that matches a piece of jewelry (key chain, necklace, bracelet, or even money clip) for your friend. This is a great way to show you listen to their inside jokes and relationship with their dog.  

Gifts for the Home

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

In the rare case that your dog-loving friend has a non-shedding dog, a robotic vacuum can really make their life easier. Dogs shed, and some dogs shed a lot. Not having to clean up shed hair all the time is a great luxury for any dog lover. This gift will knock their socks off and help keep them clean, too!

A Dog House

Are you crafty? Do you prefer to give a gift that’s handmade rather than something purchased? A dog lover can always use stylish furniture built specifically for their best friend. A dog house for indoor or outdoor applications can be the perfect gift that adds value to their lives. It’s a great place for the pup to hang out, and it gives the owner a dedicated area for their furry best friend.

Seat or Furniture Covers

While we’re on the topic of shedding, it’s not just the floor that’s affected. Seats in the house and in the car can collect fur, too. Another great, practical gift for any dog lover is a set of seat covers or furniture covers. If you don’t want to buy covers specifically, a soft dog blanket can do the trick as well. It helps prevent messes and gives the pooch a comfortable place to sit.

A Family Photo Shoot

Often, dog lovers consider their dogs as equal members of their family. They’re treated just as well as people, as they should be. As such, paying to have a set of family photos taken for a dog lover and their dog is an excellent gift. You can find good photographers who specialize in these kinds of sessions, too.

If you’re planning on giving this gift as a surprise, try to think of a great location that both the pup and the owner can enjoy. Sometimes the photographer can help with this. Then after the shoot, they can hang around a bit and enjoy some time together as a pack, of course.

A Custom Pet Portrait

A dog portrait is an incredible idea. Many services are available online that can put a person’s dog into a painting, making them look classic, royal, or like a movie star or cowboy. Better yet, there are entire communities online that have services like this, where an artist will take commissions to paint dog portraits. Just find an artist whose style you like and get in touch with them. Portrait art lasts forever and will be cherished in the years to come by any dog lover.

Gifts for the Dog Lover To Share

Some of the most fun shopping we do is for our furry friends, especially since they can’t quite shop for themselves. 

Consider getting any of these gifts for your friends who are dog lovers:

Healthy, High-Value Treats

A great gift for a dog lover is a pack of healthy treats for their pups! Treats are an essential part of any dog’s life, so getting them something delicious and healthy is a good way to impress their owner. Be sure to pick treats that are organic and made with love.

A Matching Leash and Harness / Collar

If you’re friends with a dog lover who's got a pup, then you know that quality dog supplies can be hard to come by. Big box pet stores don’t always have what you have in mind. However, some brands like Wild One, allow you to purchase online but also at stores near you!  If you’re thinking about picking up a great walking set for your dog lover’s best friend, be sure to get the fit right.

Covertly, try to get the size of their current collar or harness. Better yet, offer to take them for a walk and do some measurements! That way you’ll be sure that you got them the perfect size. When looking for a collar, harness, or leash, think about your friend’s favorite color and match it.

Great Grooming Supplies

Grooming, much like walks and treats, is a big part of a dog’s life. When you’re thinking about a great gift to give to a dog lover, consider getting them some premium grooming supplies. A great shampoo can make bath time feel like spa time, and can leave both the owner and the pup feeling much better afterward. A set of grooming wipes for small touch-ups between baths can also do wonders.

Tech and Education

A DNA Test

We’ll be the first to tell you that breed elitism shouldn’t be a thing. Mixed breed pups are just as important and just as precious as purebreds, and there shouldn’t be a debate about it. Still, understanding breed can give helpful indicators about a dog, like possible health issues, behaviors, and temperaments.

If the dog lover you know has a cute pup that they aren’t sure of the heritage for, consider paying for a doggy DNA test. This can help them nip any genetic issues in the bud, like joint problems.

Books About Dog

These are highly popular gifts and for a good reason. Dog books are informative, entertaining, or sometimes all three. Go to your local bookstore and browse books about their dog’s specific breed, fascinating dogs from history, or even great fictional works about dogs. A word of caution: many of these dog novels can tend to have quite sad endings, so choose with caution. 

Bluetooth Tracking Accessories

Any dog lover’s worst fear is losing their pup. Thankfully, there are plenty of Bluetooth trackers for dogs available on the market. These devices are small and simple and attach to a dog’s collar using a keyring or velcro. A tracking device can help give any dog lover peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

Dogs Are a Gift: But Also So Are Gifts

Giving gifts is fun but also purposeful. You want to give them something that adds value to their life, as well as their pup’s. If you present any of the gifts on our list, they’re sure to be impressed, as well as get some good use out of it. Enrich their lives, as well as their best friend’s, by giving them just the right gift!


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