Disney Dog Names: 14 Most Popular

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Finding the perfect dog name can be a tough task. When you want a great dog name, you have to find the right inspiration. You have to find what makes your dog unique and then pick the right name accordingly. If you’re looking for just the right name, you’re probably going to pull a name from somewhere familiar, like pop culture.

Disney dog names are highly popular. Many kids are allowed to name their dogs, and a lot of the time, they’ll pick their favorite Disney character to do so. If you want your pup’s name to have a little bit of magic associated with it, consider these popular Disney dog names!

Naming Dogs: A Harder Task Than You May Think

Naming dogs is a challenge. Sometimes you’ll have the right name without batting an eye. Other times, you won’t be able to come up with a name until you’ve met your pup. That’s okay, though! There are standards for naming dogs that can make your life easier, as well as your canine companion.

Choose a Simple Name

Simple names are great for two reasons. The first reason is that a simple, short name is easier for your dog to respond to. While it may be tempting to give a dog a name like “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” your dog will thank you if you instead choose to name them “Quasimodo.” Even then, that’s kind of tough since it’s four syllables, so consider shortening it to just “Modo.” Long, drawn-out names will confuse your pup.

You should also keep a dog’s name simple because you’ll be repeating it constantly. No one wants to say an entire sentence when they’re trying to speak to their best friend. A simple name is easier on humans, too.

Make it Repeatable

You’re going to be saying your pup’s name a lot, most likely. You want something that’s easy to repeat and that you can repeat in public without any sort of strife. Pick a name that you won’t get tired of saying or hearing.

Think About How the Name Sounds

Sure, we all love Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers, but the name “Chip” might not be the most suitable for your pup. It sounds a lot like the command “sit,” which can make it confusing for them. If you want to name your dog after a beloved chipmunk from Disney, “Dale” might be the better option. 

What if My Rescue Dog Has a Name Already?

The old saying goes, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Well, the same can’t be said for teaching a dog a new name. A newly rescued dog can be prompted to learn a new name pretty quickly.

It just takes a few tricks to do so:

  • Decide on the name that you want to give your pooch. 
  • Purchase some healthy treats; you’ll be using them a lot for this activity.
  • Call out your dog’s new name when you want their attention. Keep it sweet, and praise them for responding to it with affection and treats, of course.
  • They may not respond to their new name immediately. That’s totally fine. Be sure to treat them with plenty of affection right after you call their new name so that they learn that’s what they can expect from it.

Some people believe that changing the name of a rescue dog is cruel or unethical. It has been proven many times in the past that this simply isn’t the case, though. Even celebrities have gone through phases of changing their pup’s name. It just requires patience, consistency, and affection to do so. Your dog won’t mind once you get them through the first few days of the change.

The 14 Most Popular Disney Names

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your new best friend, picking a name from a beloved childhood movie makes a ton of sense.

Here are the most popular Disney names for dogs:

1. Mickey

The obvious choice for a Disney-named dog is Mickey, hands down. Mickey is one of the most beloved cartoon characters in the world. Everyone knows all about the mouse ears when they see them. If you’ve got a dog with a big personality that everyone seems to love, then Mickey is a fantastic name for your pup.

2. Minnie

Mickey might not fit if your pooch is a little lady, although it totally can if it fits. However, for every Mickey, there’s a Minnie, too. Minnie is just as well known as Disney’s first cartoon, Mickey. If your little lady has plenty of spunk and is an affectionate little gal, Minnie is a suitable name for sure.

3. Pluto

If you want to name your dog after a Disney dog specifically, there’s no better option than Pluto. Pluto is a lovable pooch that you can be confident borrowing a name from. Bonus points, it’s also the name of a former planet, as well as a roman deity. That’s three awesome names for the price of one.

4. Goofy

Another Disney dog is Goofy. Everyone knows the lovable friend of Mickey with his stovepipe hat and long ears. If you’ve got a dog that has a goofy, fun-loving personality, then Goofy is a great name for them.

5. Simba

The Lion King is arguably Disney’s most well-known movie, so choosing a name from it makes a lot of sense. If you have a regal young pup with a sense of adventure, the name Simba is fitting. If you translate it directly, Simba is Swahili for “lion.”

6. Nala

If you want a name from the Lion King, but you have a young lady at home, then Nala is an excellent choice as well. Nala is Simba’s partner and has quite a bit of courage herself. If your little girl is always ready to play or spend time on an adventure, Nala is a perfect name.

7. Buzz

Toy Story is a Pixar classic. If your pooch is serious and all about getting to the point of things, start calling them Buzz. He’s the hardheaded Space Cadet when being compared to his buddy Woody.

8. Elsa

While you may not think the queen of Arendelle’s name is particularly fitting for a pooch, you’d be wrong. Elsa is an excellent name for your pup, not just because of the regal history it has, but because it’s simple and easy to understand for your dog. If you love Frozen, you may want to have your own Elsa at home, too.

9. Pumba

If you’ve got a little piggy on your hands, this name from The Lion King might be your best bet. Just be sure to groom your Pumba more than the Pumba from the movie.

10. Baloo

The Jungle Book is a classic Disney movie and one that everyone loves. If you’ve got a dog that resembles a bear, or a dog that loves to be lazy, consider naming them after Baloo! Be sure to sing “The Bare Necessities” when you take them on walks, of course.

11. Pooh

Another Disney bear that has the perfect name for your Disney dog! Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? He’s a little dopey but also the sweetest friend in the Hundred-Acre-Wood. Everyone needs a snack-loving Pooh bear in their life.

12. Bolt

A more recent Disney movie about a dog, Bolt is a great name for a rambunctious pup with a lot of courage. The movie itself is excellent, and the name is fitting for a pup that thinks they’re invincible. Plus, aren’t all dogs superheroes in a way?

13. Belle

If you’ve got your own beauty waiting for you at home every day, then you may want to name her Belle. Beauty and the Beast is a timeless Disney movie, and Belle is an instantly recognizable name for your little lady.

14. Beast

Yes, we know the Beast from the movie has an actual name. But isn’t Beast just an absolutely awesome name for a big dog? Plus, if any of your friends are X-Men fans, then they’ll be able to appreciate it, too!

No Matter What You Name Them, Love Them

Regardless of what you name your pup, it’s obvious that you’ll love them with all of your heart. It just can’t be helped. Be sure to pick the right name for your pup and to get them everything they need to be comfortable in their new home. This can be a dog bed, treats, or even some great toys! Dogs can absolutely help make your home the happiest place on Earth. 


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