Meet Bree, October & Linus!

Meet Bree, October & Linus!

In honor of National Pet Day, we captured the stories of real pet parents and their rescue pups—including fashion model, @breekish, and her two Xoloitzcuintles, October & Linus!


Wild One: How did you meet your pups?

Bree Kish: I started fostering October through The Labelle Foundation, and then couldn’t let him go, and I rescued Linus through Pathway For Paws!


WO: What’s your dog’s favorite activity?

BK: Linus’s favorite activity is hiding under blankets—he somehow manages to lift even the heaviest of blankets and spends all day burrowed underneath. October loves being in the car to look out the window and have the wind blow through the five hairs on her head.


October is wearing the Collar in Limeade. Shop now.


WO: Favorite way to spoil your dog?

BK: With an extensive closet—granted they are hairless so they do get cold, but their closet is almost bigger than mine at this point.


WO: Favorite Wild One product?

BK: I’m obsessed with the Treat Pouch. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I got my dog, and my hands were a lot more full on walks. I love the compartments, how treats are easy to access, and the magnetic clasp—it’s been a perfect product in my life.


WO: Favorite Wild One color?

BK: Spruce! I have so many items in my house that are that color, so it’s fit in perfectly.


Linus is wearing the Collar in Orchid. Shop now.


WO: Do your dogs have any silly quirks?

BK: Being the hairless dogs that they are, have a lot of silly quirks like their tongues getting stuck outside of their mouths! Fun fact, the same gene mutation that causes them to be hairless, also causes them to have fewer teeth—so they have a lot of teeth missing.


WO: What do you love doing together?

BK: We love going to the dog park. They feel like they have all the freedom in the world, and it’s when their personalities really come through. 


WO: If your dog could have any superpower, what do you think it would be?

BK: Linus would have the ability to cook—I know that’s not a superpower, but maybe it is because I’m not very good at it. He’s just such a foodie, always looking in the trash can to see what we can get. October would probably fly, so she could catch all the squirrels she sees running down the North Hollywood powerlines.